Abundant successful experience enabled us to win the high level and honer reputation in the overseas market. We have sucessfully provided the whole package solutions together with our international top level service and high quality products to many international large enterprises and large retailers all of the world.

Leading Supplier,Perfect Proposal

Over 5 years experience specializing in the production of various special industry labels, including steel high temperature, low temperature, tires, hologram and so on. Have exported to the Americas, the Middle East, Europe and many other countries.

Top Level Quality,Perfect System

We has passed the certification of three large testing institutions including TUV,BV and SGS. All of our label products complaince to SGS certification standards, and equipped with a complete certification report. Serious efficient, Completely service.

Serious Efficient,Completely Service

Our mission is to serve every customer seriously, efficiently and high quality, Our target is to get the possitive recognition and support of the customers. We will stride forward on the road of packing solution supply, to provide best quality products and better service for more domestic and international customers.