Luminous Label

If you want to choose the fantastic luminous stickers with best quality and elegant craftsmanship, you must come to BAZHOU to find the most useful luminous stickers.

Luminous labels are a sure way to make your drinks brand stand out from the crowd. As a business owner, you want to make sure that you get the most out of your marketing strategy and budget. One way to maximize your promotions is through effective branding and pushing the boat out with interesting labeling and packaging.

How a Luminous Label Works

Luminous Paper: The label is made from paper thin PVC and/or PET. PVC plastic is a tough material that has a lot of industrial and design applications. PET can be easily shaped and is fairly durable against the weather. Both materials are lightweight, making them perfect for custom advertising signage.

Using our Luminous Label can catch everyone’s attention which in a club or bar. When the environment is dark and unclear, the wine bottle with luminous label will be the brightest and clearly.

You can print wine products logo, name and pattern, the effect is better than those normal wine bottle labels. It will be popular with customers. It is not only expanding domestic demand and consumption but also play the role of advertising to impress people.

Other luminous label style applications

Apart from wine bottle labels, we can also create LED ice bucket and signages. But the use of luminous label is not limited to the wine industry. Below are ways to use these brilliant product:

Promotional T-Shirts: This also works great with promotional t-shirts. Instead of silk screen printed logo/brand name, why not jazz up your shirt designs with a custom luminous label? It looks more eye catching, especially at concerts and sporting events.

Custom Gift Box: The illuminating logo lends a magical feeling to your custom gift box. Great for just about every industry, jewelry, wine, drinks, beauty products, food… you name it.