Medical Labels

Our custom medical and healthcare label solutions are designed to provide you with an easy way to produce customized labels for your medical practice.

Custom Medical Labels for Less

At BAZHOU, we produce high quality custom medical labels for your healtchare organization’s needs. In this category you will find customizable medical labels in standard sizes and colors with black print customization. This allows us to offer you customization at rock bottom prices.

Our Medical Labels help your hospital or medical/dental practice …

1. document and flag medical conditions or specify prescriptions
2. call attention to characteristics of a diagnostic imaging film
3. organize healthcare records
4. communicate important billing information to insurers and patients

Hospital-grade labels from BAZHOU help healthcare providers accurately and efficiently identify medication, charts, specimens, patient information, equipment, x-rays, and so much more. Our labeling solutions help meet critical Joint Commission regulatory requirements and National Patient Safety Goals to use medication safely, improve staff communication, identify patients correctly, prevent infection, and prevent mistakes in surgery. From brightly colored, pre-printed communication labels to system labels, our labels connect the patient care process in admissions, laboratory, pharmacy, OR, ER, ICU, radiology and throughout the continuum of care. BAZHOU laser and thermal printable labels are compatible with the leading EMR, LIS, PIS, and other hospital systems.

Medical stickers are a small but very important part of recordkeeping in healthcare. In a fast-paced medical environment, they communicate consistent and unambiguous messages. They help prevent potentially life-threating mistakes. And they help accelerate billing collections for both insurers and patients alike.