Medicine bottles sticker

1. This is a nylon label with permanent adhesive and suitable for thermal transfer. It can be used in low temperature environment. The frozen label can be used in the medical industry, frozen fresh, frozen drinks, cold storage and so on.

1). The label can withstand low temperature freezing and is not affected by 196 degrees.

2), ultra high viscosity, free from falling off.

3), wear-resistant, not easy to damage,

2. Low temperature resistant product features

Designed for medical technology, forensic, biological, and laboratory research, it meets the low temperature, sterility, and dust-free requirements required for laboratory identification, and can withstand the rapid cooling and high temperatures experienced by medical and laboratory biochemical tests. Strict requirements such as sterilization process, centrifuge, etc., do not become brittle under humid and extremely low temperature conditions, showing first-class stable quality and read rate, eliminating the occurrence of medical errors.

1. It can be used in the environment of -196 ° C ~ 500 ° C, does not fall off, does not become brittle, does not deform.

2. Excellent solvent resistance, biochemical corrosion resistance, UV light resistance, weather resistance.

3. Stable material characteristics ensure clear label information, high read rate and long storage time.

4. Excellent surface coating technology provides excellent ink adhesion and adapts to various printing methods such as heat transfer.

Designed for medical technology and biological laboratories, the products can be used in plastics, glassware, slides, microporous (titration) plates, and any environment required by the laboratory. The product can withstand temperatures up to 500 ° C, can be used in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C and has excellent chemical resistance.

3. The low temperature resistant label can withstand sub-zero conditions, the lowest temperature reaches -196 degrees, the label is resistant to various solvents, including xylene

The low temperature resistant label can withstand conditions up to a temperature of -196 degrees and the label is resistant to a wide range of solvents including xylene, dimethyl sulfoxide and ethanol. The materials are paper, nylon cloth, polyester, vinyl.

Ordinary paper labels will be affected by the moisture of the air, and the temperature changes in the morning and evening, the result of repeated action will be deformed, warpage will occur, and the professional low temperature resistant label can withstand the temperature and temperature and its temperature change. The label uses a special self-adhesive, tolerant temperature-lower temperature, designed for all frozen storage, including liquid nitrogen, freezing and ultra-low temperature freezing applications, as well as for most culture incubation processes!

4. The label material is suitable for different environments, including the extremely low temperature environment for rapid cooling, the high temperature sterilization process and the sterilization process.Whose performance and advantages:

1. A white opaque film with strong hiding power;

2, the surface material and adhesive have a strong low temperature resistance, can work in the -80 ° C environment for a long time: can be immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C temperature, to maintain viscosity;

3. It has good adhesion on metal, paint and plastic surfaces;

4, the material surface has excellent printability, suitable for a variety of printing and printing methods such as flexographic printing;

Product No.CCPET085
FacestockTransparent polyethylene film
Thickness80 g/m², 0.085 mm
Adhesiveacrylic based adhesive
LinerWhite glassine paper 80 g/m², 0.070 mm
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesTo ensure optimum wettability and ink bond,
additional in-line corona treatment is