Tyvek care label

1. High Quality Tyvek Color Paper With Customized Size
What is the colored Tyvek paper: To colored DuPont paper raw materials (white) on the surface with the color you need ,and colored paper does not fade. And it is color uniform, pure.The colored Tyvek Paper has more vivid lines, it can be used as a variety of packaging and printing material.

2. Tyvek Packaging Sterilization Rolls are made by a certified peelable neutral and transparent plastic material coming from a special layer of polyester andpolyethylene and by the certified material called TYVEK® with registered trade mark in sole agency from the company DuPontTM.There are many craftwork on the surface finishing on the label to make them valuable and good performance,varnishing, glossy/matt lamination, gold/silver hot stamping, embossing, UV coating, foil stamping, hologram effect, etc

3. What's features of tyvek packing bags?
♦Light and tough
♦ Waterproof and breathable
♦ Wear-resistant, anti-aging
♦ Excellent opacity
♦ Soft and smooth
♦ No adhesive included
♦ Printable
♦ Low debris

Product No.1073B
Basic Weight(g/m²)74.6
Discrete peeling
Gurley Method's air
peremeance sec/100cc
Characters1.High durability, during
shipment and storage it can withstand impact.
2.Excellent microbial barrier can help medical packaging to start sterilization and keep sterile state
3.Compatible with many sterilization processes
4.Clean stripping and low risk packaging pollution
5.Provide recycling and support for sustainable development projects based on ISO 14001 production
6.Reliable supply of quality.
The material is thick.