Security and Anti-fake Labels

We can provide security labels with a self-voiding feature that includes your custom text or logo in the release pattern. After application, when these security labels are removed they will leave the custom release message on the surface and in the label material, which indicates tampering.

Your custom security labels can be made with stock or custom background colors. As an option, we also offer custom text, logos and consecutive serial numbers.

Our security labels feature our premium adhesive, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

BAZHOU has a full line of tamper-evident security label products. Used to preserve product authenticity or to aid in reducing retail theft and fraud, our line of asset labels and tamper evident security labels can provide a greater sense of security in regards to your products and assets.

BAZHOU can offer asset labels, polyester labels, laminated labels and a variety of additional tamper evident security labels for at-risk applications. We have worked with companies seeking labels for a variety of products ranging from regulated pharmaceutical packaging and over-the-counter drugs to high-priced electronics. Laminated labels can also be used as trouble-free mail closures for consumer and manufacturer protection and to help validate and detect product altering.

Custom Security Labels: Custom property ID labels and asset tags are those of any size, shape, color or configuration which vary from industry standards. Custom tamper-evident labels are those with elements different from the standard caption, company name or barcode printed on most asset tags. Custom security labels may be customized with your company logo or a very specific size and color.

Create custom Security Seals for your company to include barcodes, serial numbers or customized colors. Security Labels can be designed for lifetime use or for short term special events and promotional use.

Custom names, special widths or lengths, and additional custom variables may be available. Some applications require custom sequential numbers related to existing numbering systems already in use by your company. Special sizes may be required for custom-fit molded or inset shapes in products.

Counterfeit products are a growing problem for businesses all over the world, resulting in huge economic losses and even possible harm to consumers. The effects of counterfeiting are felt in a variety of industries like pharmaceutical, food, beauty, technology, among others. This has led to strengthened efforts to prevent and stop it, but counterfeiting continues to wreak havoc. There are, however, ways that you can fight back to protect your brand and products with anti-counterfeiting strategies and tamper evident seals.

There are two main types of anti-counterfeiting techniques for labels and packaging which are often used together to create a comprehensive security solution. Overt and covert features are noticeable and hidden details, respectively, that make it easier to detect fakes and increase traceability across the supply chain, and harder to counterfeit products. Depending on a brand owner’s needs and resources, they can use overt, covert, or both.

anti counterfeit label features

Easy to identify: can easily detect counterfeit by the naked eye, tools, mobile applications, instrument
Patented technology: combine with the patented materials, ink, printing, processing and other technologies to achieve effective protection
Hard to duplicate: utilize the principles of optics and physics to prevent counterfeit
Multiple applications: can go with shrink sleeve, tamper-evident label and apply to all types of materials, strengthen product protection

anti counterfeit label benefits

Easy and quick Counterfeit Detection
Unique technology
Effectively protect brands
Increase market share
Increase customer loyalty
Gain credibility with customers