Cosmetics Labels

Create custom cosmetic labels as eye-catching, glamorous, and high-quality as the beauty products they’re being applied to.

In the beauty industry, it’s imperative that products stand out among the rest in order to be successful. In the cosmetic industry, a product’s packages needs to be just as good as the product itself! We know how important packaging design is to the success of the product’s lifetime, so we’ve included some great materials in our portfolio.

Cosmetic Bottle Label Materials

BAZHOU provides the optimum materials for cosmetic bottle labels. BOPP is a great choice for makeup labels because it’s resistant to oil and water. It’s available in white, clear or chrome. BAZHOU also offers many other materials for cosmetic bottle labels, from environmentally friendly to squeezable. You can also finish your makeup label with a laminate for increased polish and protection. Our makeup labels are available in square, circle and rectangle shapes, as well as in an extensive range of sizes. With our wide variety of options, you’re guaranteed to find custom labels for cosmetics that suit your products.

Many of our cosmetic customers produce two types of labels, one usually goes on the front of for products such as their logo and the second goes on the back and includes their ingredients. If you’re producing tester pots and samples of your cosmetics, adding a personalised label is a great way to get people to try your product and see your brand. Start by uploading your personalised brand logo onto a label and find the label size, shape, and material.

If you believe your cosmetic products will come into contact wit a significant amount of water then look at our clear, waterproof, cream textured paper and plastic label materials. All our materials can withstand small amounts of water however paper and brown Kraft paper can’t take much. All labels have permanent adhesive.