Double layer label sticker

Double layer label sticker have a top layer that can be peeled away to reveal an important message underneath. They are also known as peel-and-reveal labels, or double layer labels.

Our double layer label sticker are custom-made, dual layer stickers with two layers, one on top of another. The top layer can be removed, while the bottom permanent type layer adheres to your surface of choice permanently.

Your hidden message is revealed on the bottom layer after the top layer is peeled off. Double layer labels are often used by school, post-secondary institution, and research institute staff in surveys, university research, lucky draw coupons, student survey programs, after purchase important product information for the end user, product codes etc. Transportation companies and promotional advertisers also find them handy as coupons or freebies. Scientific and industrial uses include chemical cans, where double layer stickers reveal important safety instructions.

Double layer label sticker

No plate charges are involved with Double layer label sticker, so your costs stay low. We can give your labels unique identification numbers via VDP (variable data printing).

At BAHZOU, we provide digital printing for several types of removable labels, static clings, clear stickers with white ink printing, and Variable Data Stickers. We’re here to help you increase marketing and advertising with high quality, full-color custom Double layer label sticker.

Product No.CCPPH050
FacestockRainbow Holographic
AdhesivePermanent acrylic adhesive
LinerGlassine white liner
-20° F-200° F
-23° F
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesHave special hologram rainbow color

Multiple Layer Labels

Multi layer label is a hierarchical label that uses the Multilayer adhesive material on special equipment special craftwork to process ;Multi layer label has the diffreent kinds as followings

Multi paper of facestock. The material of coating process. Craftwork procudure as following.

a. General adhesive material printed on graphics.

b. The surface of paper coating on the silicone oil, silicone oil as graphic liner.

C. Using the liner and coating on Adhesive, as the multi paper of surface label material .

D. Printing again, Die - cutting when cutting through and discharging together with the second paper of surface,as the multi paper of surface label .

The lable likes a Small manual or instruction manual, Tear the tissue paper with the bond part of the adhesive paper ,open the folding lable, reading the information of the tow sides. The lable likes a instruction manual.


Multiple layer liner type is specially used for express logistics label.
Multiple layer facestock is widely used for the backing stickers on comestic and medicine bottle as small instruction manual.

Get the most out of your labels or stickers with double sided printing. Repeat the same design on both the front and back of your label or stickers, or choose to have different information or designs on either side.

Double sided labels and stickers are an excellent way to maximize the real estate of your storefront windows and doors, vehicle windows, or glass product containers. The double-sided printing technology means printed information or designs can be included on both the front and backside of the label, sticker or decal. These labels are commonly used in product packaging as logo and product name can be printed on the front of the label and other important information such as ingredients, warnings, and applications can be included on the back of the label. This works best on clear packaging suchs as glass jars or bottles.

Other common uses include using these decals in the door of your retail store or business. Add operating hours to the front side of the decal and a "thank you" message on the backside of the decal for patrons or customers exiting your premises.