Shampoo bottle label

CCPPT052 shampoo bottle label

The facestock of personal care product packing labels usually is : White BOPP, Clear BOPP,Metallized BOPP and Rainbow Holographic.

The liner of personal care product packing labels usually is :Glassine white liner .

You can print any Pantone color number, any shape, any size, Has a good effect on the kids stickers.

Personal care product packing labels has the features as following:
Can bear low and high temperature, with strong adhesive, it can be used for Tire labels.
The special pearl color PP always used for double layer instruction for medicine and cosmetics bottles.

Need shampoo bottle labels that make your design outshine and outlast the competition? Labels for shampoo bottles from BAZHOU are made from durable, long-lasting materials and come in a variety of sizes to give your products the most professional look on the market.

BAZHOU offers many options for shampoo bottle labels, and our materials and laminates withstand the tough conditions your shampoo will encounter. Our label options can protect your shampoo bottle labels from the wear and tear of bottle-squeezing and the wet shower environment. The industry-leading experts at BAZHOU make it easy to create high-quality labels for shampoo bottles without wringing out your budget.

Major bath and body companies, small hair-care product manufacturers and everything in between know that giving their shampoo bottle label designs a clean, professional look is vital. Part of that is clarity in label design and product information. People are growing more conscious of the ingredients in products they use in their hair and on their bodies every day, and shampoo bottle labels allow you to list allergy warnings and natural ingredients in an eye-catching, informative way.

With BAZHOU' four-color processing, the images on your custom shampoo bottle labels will be vibrant, ensuring that your products look professional and attractive. Whether your shampoos are eco-friendly, deep-cleansing or aromatic, we provide you with the tools you need to effectively convey your brand message. Create a polished final product by laminating with a matte or glossy finish, which provides extra ink protection. Our water- and oil- resistant BOPP labels are great choices for shampoo bottles, and they won’t wrinkle or wash off. These labels are available in clear, white and chrome.

To give you some ideas on how we can help you create a complete product package, below are some material and customization options to get your creative juices bubbling. Our dedicated customer service team would also be happy to give you personalized recommendations based on your label design and container.

  • Papers & Films: From cost-effective papers to pristine films, we have materials to suit different budgets and durability needs.
  • Metallic: Give your shampoo labels a premium look with foil film, metalized silver paper, or cold foil stamping.
  • Specialty: If you need to fit a lot of product information onto your shampoo labels without overwhelming the bottle, full-body shrink sleeve labels, and multi-layer labels are great solutions.

Attract customers to your product with beautiful shampoo labels that emphasize quality and make your brand more memorable. With us, you get 100% customized shampoo labels that you can be proud to put on your product. We carry a wide selection of water-resistant materials to ensure your shampoo labels not only look good but don’t peel or rub off in the shower. If your shampoo is packaged in a squeezable bottle, we also have flexible films designed to handle squeezing.

Product No.CCPPT052
FacestockClear BOPP
AdhesivePermanent acrylic adhesive
LinerGlassine white liner
-20° F -200° F
-23° F
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesWidely used for cosmetic and drinks bottle labels, with special adhesive can be used for garment and wet wiper removable labels.