Tire Labels

With big progress of engineering construction and tigid demand of family cars, autobobile industry gets a rapid growing into the 21st centrury. As a comsumable part of automobile, tyre industry gain from it.

BAZHOU provide the top quality tyre special usage lables Tyre Label which have the following characteristics:

1. Face material: Except elaborate images the face must have good impermaeability. We recommond the eco-friendly PP materials.

2. Adhesive: Rough tyre surfaces require aggressive immediate adhesion.

3. Liner: High coat weight adhesive brings many chaallenges in die-cutting, so the liner must be straight, smooth and its tension must be strong enough for stammping.

BAZHOU has abundant experiences in this field, with wide range products and stable good quality Tyre Label.

The Tyre Label is a mark for motor vehicle tyres. Manufacturers of tyres for cars, light and heavy trucks must specify fuel consumption, wet grip and noise classification of every tyre sold in EU market starting in November 2012.

For passenger car, light truck and truck tyres the information must be available in technical promotional literature (leaflets, brochures, etc.), including the manufacturer website. For passenger and light truck tyres, the manufacturers or importers have the choice of either putting a sticker on the tyre tread or a label accompanying each delivery of batch of tyres to the dealer and to the end consumer. The tyre label will use a classification from the best (green category “A”) to the worst performance (red category “G”).