Die Cut Blank & Barcode Label

Leading manufacturer from China, our product range includes Blank Die Cut Label such as Direct Thermal Labels, Piggyback Labels, Non Tearable Labels, Tamper Proof Labels, Pre Printed Labels and many more items. (Direct Thermal Labels are chemically treated, heat sensitive labels that print without the use of a ribbon. They are a cost effective solution for short term and temporary applications like shipping labels, pick tickets, name tags, receipts, and more.Their simple design makes thermal printers durable and easy to use. Because there is no ribbon, direct thermal printers cost less to operate than inkjet, laser, impact, and thermal transfer printers. Most mobile printers use direct thermal technology.)

Blank Labels

Diecut blank labels can be made of many materials, including matte litho, thermal transfer paper, or direct thermal paper. They are delivered as die-cut blanks on rolls. The customer then prints variable data (often on their manufacturing line) such as Lot Code, Expiration Date, or Tracking Numbers; often a combination of variable copy (product name, shipping address or information) and a barcode. The bar code label can be used for tracking, inventory control, and many other applications.

Consecutive Barcodes

BAZHOU can provide you with pre-printed labels containing variable data, eliminating the need to variable print blank labels. Consecutive bar codes and corresponding human-readable copy can be printed with a “starting code” and an “ending code”, or using random or pre-determined cells from a spreadsheet or data file. Asset labels are an example of a variable label that can be generated using a spreadsheet of known copy and numbers.