Tire and Auto Labels

Tire labels

BAZHOU Tire labels for identification of new and used tires for storage and inventory control. Ideal for use in garages, car dealerships, specialized car service stations, storage facilities and scrap-yards. Competitively priced.

It takes a specially designed label to adhere to both vented and non-vented tire treads. Our tire tread labels utilize a strong, rubber-based adhesive to meet these demands. BAZHOU Tire Label Materials are pressure sensitive label stocks designed specifically for application to tire treads. These label constructions are printable with select digital and flexo print methods, delivering exceptional adhesion to vented and non-vented tire treads.

Firmly stick to all types of rubber tires (vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, tractors, etc.) as well as to any other rubber product. Made of special paper, they withstand wear and tear, arctic cold and very hot environments, water, humidity and other harsh conditions. The extra-permanent strong adhesive will remain adherent, even in presence of water and moisture.

Our rubber tire labels come in white and colors. Custom made labels can be provided in any size, shape, color and configuration. We can also print company logos, graphics as well as data, according to client specifications.

Automotive, Vehicle and Car Labels

A car, bus or truck may seem like a single machine. But each is actually an integrated collection of parts with varying substrates, operating at high speeds under hot, cold, wet or pressurized conditions. Labels play a major role through the life of a vehicle’s component parts, from aiding their movement through the supply chain to providing critical information about safety, maintenance and use. We’re fascinated by vehicles and the labeling challenges they present. That’s why we continuously develop new solutions specifically for the transportation market and never stop learning about the environments in which vehicles operate.

Labels for the whole vehicle

We offer high-performance vehicle and car labels for interiors, exteriors and engine compartments—even tyre labels. Our auto labels are designed not only to withstand heat and tough weather conditions, but also liquids like brake fluid, washer fluid and motor oil.

Materials that pass muster

Automakers, other OEMs, tier suppliers, and regulatory authorities have stringent and occasionally differing standards for label materials. Meet them all quickly and simply with our global portfolio of materials, which often exceed manufacturer and government standards.

From use in car engines to competition on store shelves, automotive labels face a range of challenges. The best ones are durable enough to survive a complete use lifecycle, clear enough to communicate key information to consumers and distinct enough to enhance your branding. From OEM parts to consumer goods, we’ve created labels for the most recognizable automotive brands. And we’re familiar with the many complexities of automotive labels.

Specialty capabilities for specialty automotive labels

We can print a range of stock materials using a variety of adhesives so you can create nearly any look on even the toughest surfaces. With our printing capabilities, we can deliver:

Digital labels that allow variable data printing (VDP) for custom product part number, UTQG rating and other information

Flexible printing processes and lamination that prevents damage for packages containing petroleum distillates and other automotive liquids

Flexible label materials for products that come in squeezable or flexible containers

Labels that wrap around your container as a closure to provide a built-in, tamper-evident safety measure

Top coats that chemically resist automotive liquids and materials so your labels last and remain legible throughout a full product lifecycle

Tire labels with extra durable adhesive

No matter how grueling the automotive environment, we can make your label last. As a UL Recognized label supplier, we provide UL-listed vinyl and polyester label faces and adhesives primed for fully-cycle automotive use. Our specialty adhesives are suitable for the most demanding applications. With our quality materials and rapid printing capabilities, you can bring trusted, quality products to market.

Add identifying OEM product information
We offer a long list of customizations that help with OEM product identification and distinguish your product. We can:

Add bar codes, QR codes and other identifying information that helps consumers easily identify OEM products

Embed custom RFID inlays that help you log automotive OEM products and track goods throughout the shipping, delivery and sales process

Use Extended Content Labels (ECLs) to pack useful product guidelines or lengthy regulatory information onto your product

Pull from a complete library of die cuts to print automotive labels for any shaped container