Tire stickers rubber label

1. The new EU tire label is designed to help commercial vehicle operators make an informed choice when buying new tires. Since 1st November 2012, each new truck tire in Europe is accompanied by ratings for fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise emissions. Explore the links below to find out more.

2. London – Almost four years after its introduction, the jury is still very much out whether the EU tire label rating scheme for wet grip, rolling resistance and noise, is doing more harm than good.

Proponents argue that since tire labelling came into force in November 2012, the ratings have given drivers valuable information about the safety and environmental performance of tires.

On the other hand, sceptics and outright opponents believe that tire labels are misleading, not least because they focus on just three of a myriad…

Product No.CCTLSG075
FacestockSemi gloss paper
98 g/m2, 0.075mm
Special CoatingAluminium laminated layer
AdhesiveSpecial purpose permanent, rubber based adhesive.
LinerPE coated white kraft paper
85 g/m2, 0.082mm
Serice Temperature-20℃-50℃
Application Temperature-10°C
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesBest storage temperature is below 30°C