Film Material

Film labels give a high-quality look to products and really show their strength when durability is critical. Films are hard to rip or tear making them an ideal choice for labels that are exposed to abrasion and rough handling. Worried about moisture affecting your label’s look? Film labels are extremely moisture-resistant which means your artwork is protected. We can print your custom film labels on a variety of materials like BOPP, polypropylene, vinyl, and more.

Film is a substrate made from plastic polymer pellets that have been melted and pumped through flat rollers. The three main types of film are Polyethylene (PE), Polyolefin, and Polypropylene (BOPP). We won’t go into the science of how each are made; all you need to know is these types provide a variety of options dealing with thickness, stretch, tear direction, tensile strength, and appearance. BAZHOU has the experience and knowledge to help identify the best type of film for your label.

All film substrates offer durability to UV, heat, chemical, abrasions, and autoclave exposures. This durability typically last for about 6 months of exposure to these conditions, making film one of the longest lasting label making substrates.

Film also has durability in tear resistance that come in handy for tamper evident labels and allows resealable labels to be opened and resealed multiple times without damaging the film substrate.

Polyolefin film is very flexible and conformable. This feature makes it great for multi-curved containers.

In situations of water exposure, film substrates are a great option since they can resist water/moisture without ruining the printed inks. Film can last much longer than paper when exposed to harsh weather elements. Although, there is a price to pay for this durability – film is typically more expensive than paper.

Films are available in a white, hazy clear, and clear appearance; making them the obvious choice for “no label look” on clear containers.

Let us know your label requirements and we can help you select the right film to achieve your label goals.