direct thermal labels

Time for direct thermal labels?

How a Change in Label Material Can Reduce Costs, Improve Sustainability and Enhance OEE If you use thermal printers for your secondary packaging or pallet labeling, your printer can probably work just as happily with either thermal transfer or direct thermal labels. Which is better? Which is more cost effective? Let’s take a look… Both types of thermal printing use ...
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Wine label

Labeling and coding solutions for the wine industry

The wine industry is faced with changing consumer preferences and demands. The wine connoisseurs of today require transparency, as well as traceability. They want access to information about the wine in order to compare prices, ingredients, and products. To accommodate this, some wine makes provide a detailed list of the ingredients used in the production of wine on their bottles ...
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Barcode label

Barcode labeling for shipping cases

Do you need to apply GS1 barcode labels to more than one side of your shipping cases (usually for compliance reasons)? ID Technology has several solutions, based on the top-selling 252 range of printer applicators – proven in the toughest labeling environments. The possibilities for case labeling with the 252 are: Corner-wrap label – side of case and leading face ...
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