Barcode labeling for shipping cases

Do you need to apply GS1 barcode labels to more than one side of your shipping cases (usually for compliance reasons)?

ID Technology has several solutions, based on the top-selling 252 range of printer applicators – proven in the toughest labeling environments.

Barcode label

The possibilities for case labeling with the 252 are:

  1. Corner-wrap label – side of case and leading face
  2. Corner-wrap label – side of case and trailing face
  3. Two labels – one on side of case, one on leading or trailing face

1. Side of Case and Leading Face

The 252N, narrow aisle labeling system is equipped with ID Technology ’s Leading Edge Corner-wrap Module. This module is specifically designed for corner-wrap labeling and needs no plant air. The corner-wrap module can handle labels up to 13.25 inches long by 5 inches wide.

In operation, the label is fed onto the applicator grid before the arrival of the case. The label is applied to the leading face of the case first, then wiped around the corner and along the side.

Swing Arm Applicator

The swing arm applicator takes the label from the printer and applies it to the leading face of the shipping case. By attaching the label to this face first, a brush then wipes it around the corner and across the side of the box.

The swing arm applicator also has the advantage of being able to apply a smaller label onto the leading face only when needed.

2. Corner-wrap Labels – side of case and trailing face

Tamp Applicator with Secondary Wipe

The well proven tamp applicator places the label on the side of the case, where it is wiped around the corner.

Merge Applicator with Secondary Wipe

ID Technology’s merge applicator is designed to separate the printing speed from the application speed, providing higher outputs than conventional applicator types.

Adding a secondary wipe station to the system allows the label to be applied to the side of the shipping case, then wiped around the corner onto the trailing face. Note that the label length is limited to 8 inches with this type of applicator.

Both tamp and merge applicators can also apply a label to just the side of the case.

3. Two labels – one on side of case, one on leading or trailing face

Dual Panel Applicator

ID Technology’s dual panel applicator is designed to apply two labels to shipping cases, on the side and either the leading or trailing face.

The applicator incorporates two axis of motion, a swing tamp for labeling the leading or trailing face and a straight tamp motion to apply a label to the side of the case.

252 Versatility

Because the 252 printer applicator is a modular design, it is simple to change to a different applicator module if the labeling requirements change.

Corner-Wrap Labeling System


The 252 can be supplied in both left and right-hand versions and in a number of machine orientations (except for the leading edge corner-wrap and merge applicators that are designed for “reels up” orientation only).

Which is Best for You?

We will work with you to determine the best solution for your particular labeling application.