High Temperature & Low Temperature Labels

BAZHOU, a leading supplier of custom labels, sticker, and tags, offers a wide selection of high temperature label options. Polyester is generally considered the best material for applications in temperatures up to 300° F.

We also offer specialty options for higher temperature applications. Common uses for high temperature labels include electronics, steel, aluminum, aerospace, and machinery industries. Common uses of high temperature labels include product identification and the presentation of safety information. High temp labels must be constructed with durable materials that won’t melt or otherwise disintegrate in extreme heat. In addition, these high-performance products should resist breakdown when exposed to industrial chemicals.

We offer blank or custom printed inkjet or laser printable low temperature labels any size or shape. BAZHOU are precision kiss cut through the printable facestock of the label sheet down to but not through the material liner, so that the labels can be removed from the sheet easily after printing.

If your products face harsh conditions or climates, BAZHOU offers durable labels that are up for the challenge. They’re expert-tested to ensure they keep an attractive and professional appearance no matter your use.