Low temperature labels

Our cryogenic labelstocks Low Temperature label enable the reliable identification of plastic and glass vessels that undergo long-term storage in liquid nitrogen or deep-freezing. Desktop laser, conventional ink and thermal transfer printable films, they are ideal for use within clinical laboratories, biomedical research and other scientific environments.

With a cohesive bond high enough to withstand thermal shock, the labelstocks can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of delamination. The Low Temperature label can be variably printed via thermal transfer or laser, eliminating the use of marker pens for identification and so greatly reducing the risk of human error causing illegible marking or mislabeling. Users are also able to print the fine detail batch and barcodes required for small vials and test-tubes, ensuring all information is retained.

FacestockPolyimide Film(PI)Polyester film (PET)Polypropylene film (PP)Polyimide Film(PI)
Thickness0.025 mm
27 g/m2
0.050 mm
76 g/m2
0.050 mm
40 g/m3
AdhesiveTransparent and permanent silicone modified acrylic adhesivesAcrylic based adhesiveAcrylic based adhesiveTransparent and permanent silicone modified acrylic adhesives
LinerMatte kraft paper
Glassine paper
80 g/m2, 0.070mm
Glassine paper
61 g/m2, 0.055mm
Glassine paper
61 g/m2, 0.055mm
-90℃ ~120℃-60℃ ~150℃-80℃-80℃-196℃-120℃
PrintingFull ColorFull ColorFull ColorFull Color
FeaturesGood performance in -90℃, and keep adhesive after -196℃
Good performance on metal, painting and PVC surface.
Suitable for medicine applicationSuitable for curve surface adhesive, good for test tubeSuitable for extremely low temperature condition in liquid nitrogen

CILS-8500ULT durable, temperature resistant labels can now be printed on a standard office laser printer, allowing variable data printing (serial numbers, barcodes, etc.) ‘in-house, on-demand’. Engineered for ultimate durability in extreme temperatures (-196° to +200°C), CILS-8500ULT resist multifreeze thaw cycles, liquid nitrogen, pre-cooling alcohol and lab solvents, repeated handling, and autoclave sterilization.

Low temperature labels are designed for packaging applications such as meat, deli items, poultry, frozen foods, etc. - or any product that require labels which may be applied in very low temperatures. Low temperature labels have emulsion pressure sensitive adhesives which allow the versatility of good adhesive performance and processing at room temperature in addition to use in refrigerator or freezer conditions.

Low temperature labels provide a safe, accurate, easy-to-read means for monitoring low temperatures. Indicating strips use liquid crystal technology to display the current temperature range at an economical cost. Shelf life: 1 year after date of purchase.


1, manufacture for Food Label
2, all kinds of designs and various color are available
3, high quality

Our factory is professional in adhesive label,the materials mainly are:art paper, glossy paper, semigloss paper, matte paper, sythetic paper, thermal transfer paper, themal paper, kraft paper, fluorescent paper, aluminum foil paper, laser printing paper, fragile paper, PE, PVC, BOPP, PET, PP, removable semigloss paper, heat-resistant adhesive label, nontoxic adhesive label of various fabrics and food label. Application: labels for fruit, food, healthy. Our technical workers can choose different materials to ensure the products perfectly and safely according to customer’s requirement.

1. Supply various size and material.

2. Full colors on a roll or sheet.

3. Matte or glossy lamination.

4. Waterproof, alcohol-proof and oil-proof.

5. Freezing-resistant, suitable for curved surfaces.

6. Rotary/Offset,flexo-graphic printing technique.

If need any, welcome to contact us. We can offer you samples and technique parameters, and hope we have opportunites to cooperate with you.Supply customers with first-class quality, competitive price and short production period.

We have been supplying labels for the deep freeze industry for many years and we are confident that we are able to supply labels which will withstand both blast freezing and items which are put into a normal home freezer, our experience also encompasses cryogenic labels used in the medical profession, where temperatures on excess of minus 196°C to Minus 210°C are experienced.

BAZHOU is an all plastic, self-adhesive temperature recording label that is non-reversible. It is designed and produced to meet the needs of high volume users who need a quality product, low cost, and rapid delivery. Highly visible, easy to read yellow format is easily seen at a distance, pinpointing hot spots. Model TS3 covers a narrow range of approximately 20°C with 3 indicators.

Low temperature hazard warning symbol label. Part of our warning safety label range, to identify health risks and dangers from exposure to low temperatures. Triangular labels available in 3 sizes, 15mm, 25mm and 50mm. Supplied in packs of 100 labels. Waterproof, chemical (oil and solvent) and scratch resistant.

According to the invention, the compositions and methods provide for the complete removal of synthetic glues or adhesives from a plurality of surfaces through the use of amide solvents in combination with surfactants, chelants, acidulants and/or additional bottle wash additives. Beneficially, the compositions and methods are suitable for use at lower temperatures, including below 35° C., and lower pH conditions, including from 5 to 10, from 6 to 9, and from 6 to 8, in comparison to conventional caustic-based adhesive removal compositions.

Our low temperature labels have been specially developed for applications with temperatures down to -196°C. This range of temperatures appears mainly when using liquid nitrogen, for example cryo applications in laboratories. The cryo label’s adhesion behavior has been designed for extremely low ambient temperatures. Thus the specially developed adhesive guarantees a very reliable adhesion on many surfaces.