Metallic Material

Metallic Stickers (also referred to as metal stickers, silver stickers, gold stickers, brushed aluminium stickers, chrome stickers etc.) are a hardwearing, waterproof vinyl sticker.

Metallic stickers are perfect for logos and product decoration. This is because they give a glimmering sheen to your sticker design, making your branding even more compelling. Now you can add an instant visual appeal to your stickers. BAZHOU offers eye-catching brushed gold and silver options. Create the perfect design and make a great first impression at the same time.

We digitally print using a high resolution 4 colour (CMYK) process to print all logos, text and background colours onto the stickers.

White Ink
For more information about printing white ink, please see our white ink page.

♦ High definition printing for rich colours and crisp detail
♦ Eco-friendly solvent inks for full weatherproof and
♦ UV resistant properties

Choose any shape and enter in your own size measurements

When you order metallic stickers or labels, you can choose from gold stickers or silver stickers with a polished metal finish and rich lustre, making them ideal for any situation where a premium look is a priority. The entire surface retains that metallic finish apart from the printed areas, meaning that you can either print your artwork with a metallic background, or even print the background to create metallic looking shapes and letters (any white parts of you artwork will be in metallic). Gradients can’t be printed, so solid colours only, but apart from that, you can have gold or silver metallic labels and stickers which give you a premium brand look without the expensive costs.