High temperature resistant label

If your products face harsh conditions or climates, BAZHOU offers durable labels that are up for the challenge. They're expert-tested to ensure they keep an attractive and professional appearance no matter your use. Find the temperature-rated label that's right for your business using the content below.

This is a revolutionary range of materials which ensures reliable identification for metal producers and re-processors. Specialist adhesive properties enable variable data to be added to production lines via manual or automatic application. Suitable for use on steel, for example on slabs, blooms, bars, coils (hot), billets and wires, and for aluminium applications including sows & pigs, coils (hot and cold), ingots and billets.

All products are designed to enable barcode identification for automatic tracking and management of materials throughout the supply chain (improving efficiency and safety). They will also withstand harsh outdoor environments and chemical exposure.

The High temperature label span three categories:

1) Labels being applied at ambient temperature and then exposed to extreme heat. Uses include metals that are subjected to a secondary process – for example homogenising, annealing or baking.

2) Labels being applied at extreme temperatures (up to 800°C), made possible through proprietary heat activated adhesive. This eliminates the need to wait until a metal has cooled to identify the goods because hot, direct application barcode labels can be applied immediately after the casting process.

3) Tag materials (mechanically attached to goods). Applications are as (1) above and we can also provide appropriate tags for application in reductive atmospheres or chemical processing.

Product No.CCHLPI025
FacestockPolyimide Film(PI)
Thickness0.025 mm
27 g/m2
AdhesiveTransparent and permanent silicone modified acrylic adhesives
LinerMatte kraft paper
80 g/m2, 0.165mm
ColorWhite, Green, Pink, Black, Blue
-40℃ ~400℃
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesSuitable UV printing and thermal transfer printing.
Good performance on metal.

What Qualities Are Important for high temperature resistant label?

Besides having the ability to not be damaged under high temperatures, these labels should contain a few other qualities to ensure reliability and a long life. For example, they must adhere well, not lift or tear, and meet all government standards. Certain labels consist of adhesives and facestock that is unable to maintain quality when introduced to higher temperatures. This makes the information hard to read or causes it to be missing from the vial, tube, bag, or container. Heat resistant labels are a solution for this specific problem in the medical industry.

These labels must adhere appropriately to the type of base they will be attached to. If the materials do not properly stick to a glass vial or tube, then they will not be as effective. This will naturally cause them to fall off or lift up under high temperature conditions. Here are a few other considerations before choosing a provider for heat resistant labels:

What materials and adhesives are they made from?

Does the provider meet all required guidelines?

How long has the provider been producing heat resistant labels?

Do the offered labeling products meet your precise needs?

Does the provider have a reputation for high quality?

The reputation of the provider is just as important as the final product they provide for your medical labeling needs. Chosen materials as well as the processes used to create them will determine reliability, durability, and compliance. A provider who has years of experience dealing with heat resistant labels will offer more reliable results.