Custom printing silver wire foil die cut sticker

Custom printing silver wire foil die cut sticker roll silver pet barcode label silver sticker with number
Copper paper,synthetic paper,dumb silver PET,white PET,transparent PET,PVC.
CMYK, Pantone color, Full color.
Variety of Effects
waterproof,hologram, die cut,High temperature resistance, transparent, gold foil,removable and so on.
Roll, Individual sheet or Die Cut.
Lead time
Normally 5-7 work days after payment and artwork confirmed.
By BOLETO, mastercard, visa, e-Checking, PAYLATER, T/T, Westrurn Union
By air, sea, international express, etc.

Adding a high-quality, luxurious look to your product is super easy with BZSticker's Silver Foil Labels. The material gives your packaging the extra oomph it deserves. Our silver stickers can be used for beauty and apparel packaging, as well as event packaging like birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and more for that stylish look you're going for.

BZSticker's foil labels are completely customizable, meaning all labels you order can be contour cut to custom shapes or cut to standard sizes to suit your needs. Make your stickers unique with your brand logo or artwork - we will print these onto your stickers with our foil ink and make your products more personable and more premium.

It has a chrome metallic mirror surface, slightly thinner than our other vinyls, and can be tinted to any color including gold. It’s perfect for gift and boutique items, hat stickers, chrome backgrounds, gold foil labels and more. When uploading artwork to our editor you can make a comment where you want the foil effect to “shine through”. You can say something like “only show effect where no ink is present” or “show effect on all ink colors” or even just certain areas! To get the gold foil or tint the metallic material you can use a CMYK ink value or gradient where you want the color to be!

With a die cut sticker you can achieve any shape that fits your unique design. This is a great way to stick out among other custom stickers! Going with a die cut reflective gold or silver sticker , you will get a polyester sticker that is contour cut to your design. Before we started to offer die cut reflective gold or silver stickers we made sure that we’re offering the best quality you could get from a sticker like this. That said, we tested these stickers in all weather types. Our artist come to us for the highest quality print products and we wanted to make sure we were offering that in our die cut stickers as well. Two Crows Printing reflective gold or silver stickers are weather and waterproof that can withstand outdoor conditions 4/5 years.

The best outcome for a finished die cut reflective gold or silver metallic sticker is to have a black & white image, graphic, etc. This allows any area that is white in your design to shine through with a gold or silver metallic finish. The black printed will completely block out the gold and silver.

Shine with metallic sticker printing.

Metallic sticker printing lets you create incredible stickers that really make an impression. Metallic sticker printing uses the Akuafoil process, which involves layering CMYK colors on silver ink. This allows the creation of striking gradients, semitones or any imaginable hue with a metallic shimmer. Metallic stickers give a glittering sheen to any sticker design, drawing the eye and making your message even more compelling.

You can print metallic stickers with an accent on any part of your stickers. Use these metallic highlights to create a more powerful call-to-action or breathe new life into your logo. Our custom stickers are cut-to-size in dimensions as small as 2" x 2" to as large as 6" x 9".

They are popular with small to large scale businesses that want a special shine in their promotional materials, as well as with visual artists for memorable giveaways.

Contact us to learn more about customizing your metallic cut-to-size sticker printing.