Paper to make label jewelry

1. The features of kraft paper Jewelry Labels:
Good elasticity of hot press, high flatness, improve the pressure quality and improve the product rate.
The heat transfer performance is stable, the uniform has no fluctuation and the heat transfer rate is moderate.

2. The features of Art laser paper Jewelry Labels:
Special matte surface, suitable for inkject and laser printing.

Product No.CCDT085
FacestockDirect Thermal paper
80 g/m2, 0.085mm
based adhesive
LinerWhite glassine paper
60 g/m², 0.053 mm
ColorMatte White
Service Temperature-15℃-60℃
Application Temperature10°C
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesGood printing performance with thermal transfer printer.Waterproof, resisit to Oil and chemical. No ink needed