Personal Care Product Packing Labels

High quality and nice design packing labels can make the personal care products more professional and attractive.

Also the labels need to have clear printing for the instuction of the products to give the user a clear understanding of the correct application.

BAZHOU can supply various nice look facestock materails and high quality printing to raise your product value greatly, the best solution of adhesive can make the stickers always on your products permanently whatever the condition will be.

Brands that achieve and sustain growth in the personal care industry tend to have two things in common: quality products and quality labels.

Given the nature of this particular industry, a product’s environment and shape can deeply affect the type of label and application that it requires. It is essential that personal care labels withstand both its environment and the rigors of frequent use.

Designing Labels with Varying Rigidities

While some personal care products, such as lotions, are packaged in tubs and other stiff containers, many are packaged in bottles or tubes, which come in three standard rigidities:

Rigid, or Non-Squeeze – Though they may have some flexibility, rigid bottles are designed to dispense their products without being squeezed.

Semi-Rigid – Semi-rigid bottles, such as many shampoos or conditioner containers, are flexible enough to be squeezed in order to dispense product but still rigid enough to maintain their shape.

Non-Rigid, or Full-Squeeze – Almost exclusively seen in tube shapes, full-squeeze containers must be squeezed in order to dispense a product and will not maintain their shape perfectly over time.

Strength and longevity of labels is more important to personal care than any other industry. No matter how great a product may be, a customer will have a hard time identifying it for a future purchase if the label is ruined by the time they are done using the product.

Complete capabilities for clean personal care labels

We understand that every brand is distinct. And every label is too. Whether you make lip balm, shampoo, soap, toothpaste or any other personal care product, we’ll help you create a one-of-a-kind presence on store shelves.

Pulling from our many printing capabilities, we can create nearly any look. Our team will guide you from day one to pick the best options to achieve your desired look. Our label customization capabilities include:

Flexographic films and screen-printed labels that provide a seamless, no-label look
Label embossing to help you highlight specific areas of your label
Extensive die cuts and custom die cutting allowing us to print labels in any shape and size to match your container, package or bottle
Foil stamped labels perfect for creating a premium, eye-catching shine or adding a metallic luster to your product
Full-color-spectrum printing to achieve any color combination
Tactile labels that add a textured feel to your product label
And much, much more

We can implement any of these on-press customizations in combination with any printing method. If you want a small print run, need to meet tight timelines or require variations from label to label, our digital printing will work for you. And if you need a large order in a rapid timeframe at a good value, our flexographic printing is a smart fit — and will provide all the customization you need.

Shoppers have many options to find products they can use to care for their bodies, feel clean and be confident. With such an overwhelming number of products on the shelves, it’s harder than ever to get your product noticed. We help you create the right label look to give your product a personal touch and catch your customer’s eye with attention-grabbing personal care labels.

Just as important as look and feel, your personal care label must be able to last through the rigors of all the environments it faces. We’ll work with you to select the best materials and adhesives. If you need it, we can deliver waterproof, humidity-resistant labels that stand up to the shower and can go where your customers go — without peeling or smudging.