3 Layer Logistics Labels

This product with a double deck structure is designed for use in thermal printing systems. Typical applications include barcode labels for logistics and tracking where a general level of image resistance is required.


High efficiency:Print effiency update to 60%-90% than paper material, printing thousand of papers per hour, printing the delivery information Conveniently and quickly by handleheld terminal, reducing the person and mistakes and be energy saving and environmental protection.
Performance:It has the function of anti – corrosion, anti – wipe, waterproof and so on, the print can last long and be clear, the information is large.
Easy to manage: Avoid to not-clear handwritting for sending pieces, removing the process of express’s input and increase the efficiency of sorting, and also manage by net, rasing the efficiency of logistics management.
Operate easily: Print is efficient and no jam.
Safe: The anti-fake is good , after the adhension of the bottom and bearing material it will have the function of broking.It can also hide the recipient’s privacy information by the two dimensional code, and avoid consumer privacy leakage.


Develop the efficiency of logistics, and optimize operation process.
The volume of information is large, and can print ad.
Farewell to handwriting distress and save the cost
Easy to handle

Multi layer label can be automatically applied via standard existing labeling equipment. The booklet can be printed in multiple colors and the base label can also be printed, thereby maximizing the amount of space for your content.

If you have need multi-layer labels on which you want to put a lot of information, many danger symbols or product instructions in multiple languages on the outside of the product, we recommend that you choose multi layer labels.

A good example of a multilayer label is the sandwich label. A sandwich label is a construction for two labels with the same format on each other. Both the bottom and top label can be printed. You actually profit from 3 printing sides: the basis, the inside and the front. Sandwich labels are mainly used for promotional purposes.

Why multilayer labels?

Multilayer labels offer the perfect solution when the surface of a traditional self-adhesive label is not sufficient to communicate all information about the product. On the extra layers of the label we print the required information such as marketing information, product information or, for example, information in several languages. We produce the sandwich label in many variants. The Peel & Reseal is the most common variant, because it is a great advantage that the label is resealable due to a special construction. The ‘coupon’ is a non-resealable label, whereby the top layer can be removed through a performation or a ‘dry-peel’ adhesive. This is very handy, for example for loyalty award credit constructions. Multilayer labels can be produced on every required material such as paper and plastic. We produce them in every required format, supply them on a roll, cut and stacked. There are several gluing and imprint options.