Ultra destructible sticker paper

1. Destructible Vinyl label is not easily peeled off and can not be returned to initial state.

2. Destructible label can be used for tamper evident, anti-theft It contains 3 layers: the surface is writable films, the middle is oily ink and glue which is the process layer, and the bottom is glassine paper After removing the label, the label will tear off into pieces, Only one time use, therefore to take a warning function

3. Ultra Destructible Vinyl labels are widely used in quality warranty of mobile phone, telephone and computer accessories, auto electrical, alcohol, drugs, food, cosmetics, performing arts ticket;It also can be applied in store anti-conterfeiting system.All the quality assurance of goods is characterized by high price, quality assurance requirement with high accuracy, and the date of warranty with high accuracy, therefore, the desturctible label can effectively avoid the happening of all sorts of losses and disputes.

Product No.CCDMC015
FacestockCast acetate film
Thickness0.0015 inches
AdhesiveSolvent Acrylic
LinerA bleached, super calendered paper stock
0.0032 inches
ColorMatte Transparent
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesThis product is printable with most flexographic film inks. This product can be diecut and stripped

at high speeds on standard web fed presses. Sample labels in a variety of shapes have been dispensed and applied successfully with standard labeling systems.