Hologram 10ml vial label maker

1. What's features of adhesive label? Anti-fake, waterproof, security, durable, Holographic, eco-friendly Anti-counterfeit, Tamper, waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant, eco-friendly, scratch off, scratch-off, Barcode, Heat sensitive, Holographic, 2D /3D, one time / permanent sticker, honeycomb or void, Roll label automatic labeling. brand protection, help marketing and promotion,Combine more technology to enhance the anti-forgery purpose.

2. In addition to having the feature of tamper evident VOID message, we manufacture multiple security features using advanced holographic technologies, such as 3D holograms, dot-matrix, covert letters, multi-channel effect, rolling words, dynamic/kinetic effect, micro text or morse text, true color, interference fringe, imagine change, reflecting holography, grating effect, etc. We can print consecutive numbers or bar codes to enhance the security and logistic functions. These labels are widely applied for packaging of cosmetics, jewel, electronics, ID cards, bank notes, computers, mobile phones, digital products, stationery, alcohol, medicine, branded products to identify original or fake.

3. This kind of stickers can be divided into two types:
Type1--Destroyed once removed it cannot be repeat used, the content will be left on the posted position once removed. Type 2 --Durable hologram stickers. It can be used over and over again

Product No.CCHLPR020
Facestock Polypropylene film
0.0020 inches
Special CoatingA neutral holographic rainbow pattern
AdhesiveClear general purpose permanent acrylic adhesive
Liner A bleached super-calendered kraft stock
0.00524 inches
ColorRainbow Holographic
-20° F to +200° F
23° F
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesEmbossed and metallized with a neutral holographic rainbow pattern providing a high degree of visual shelf appeal