Security VOID hologram labels

1. This labelstock has instant tamper-indicating properties that reveal a ‘VOID’ message upon removal of the label from the substrate. Typical applications include automotive and electronic component labelling, security seals, warranty and asset tracking identification. It is approved by leading automotive companies for interior and exterior use and widely employed by electronic, appliance and telecommunication manufacturers.

Coated with high performance acrylic adhesive, the labelstocks offer initial high tack and good adhesion to textured and high and low surface energy substrates, even at low temperatures.

The compact size of the ‘VOID’ text makes it suitable for all shapes and sizes of labels and it accepts conventional ink and thermal transfer printing with resin and wax/resin ribbons. Available in matt silver, bright silver, clear, white and black, we can also provide custom ‘VOID’ text, logos and colours.

2. On the basis of encrypting laser Identification, then print the words and pictures on the bottom of the Identification. When remove the lable from the products, the words and pictures transfer and adhensive on the products and strengthen the difficulty of copying.

Product No.CCVOIDH038
FacestockHologram materials
AdhesiveAcrylic based adhesive
LinerWhite glassine paper/ White Kraft paper
ColorHologram rainbow color
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesTamper-indicating properties

3. * VOID Tamper Evident Label
* Digital Code Anti-counterfeiting
* Scratch Off Labels
* Textured Anti-counterfeiting
* Dot Matrix Hologram Sticker
* Laser Burned White Hologram Sticker
* Laser Demetallization Hologram Sticker
* Positioning Hot Stamping Hologram

4. High Quality Self Adhesive Label Printing Warranty Void Security Hologram Sticker a written statement which is directly associated with the sale and purchase of the product. Every buyer of any specific product will look on the warranty label to find out whether the product is given the warranty by the manufacturer.

Buying and selling of products cannot be without warranty and therefore the need for Warranty Void Destructible Sticker come into effect. If you buy any product without the warranty sticker, it means that warranty has been forged or that product manufacturer is not offering any warranty.

This is true in case of local products which are manufactured and sold without any kind of warranty lables. A sensible consumer will always look into the Small Size Warranty Sticker and on the product, failing which he/she will not buy the product.

In the recent times there have been many instances where the reseller of a particular product has tried to tamper the adhesive warranty label sticker and replaced it with duplicate sticker, so this is the why Warranty Void Destructible Sticker With Serials Numbers and Logo is popular in the repari shop.

5. Tamper evident security label is used for tamper evident, anti-theft to prevent stealing goods and exchange goods during the shipping way. After remove the label, the security text "OPEN VOID" will be left on the cartons or other packing boxs, and the label surface will be destroyed. Please check the goods before you accept, if the label has been destroyed.

6. Anti-fake type
Honeycomb tamper proofer
QR Code, Serial Number
2D/3D, zoom in/our, customized logo

7. Feature Eco-friendly, Anti-Counterfeit, Waterproof, Oil-Proof, Heat-Resistant, Anti-Ultraviolet, etc

8. 3D Custom Hologram Sticker with QR Code
Hologram sticker can be used for commercial brand & documents security, which integrates anti-fake and aesthetic appearance. Dynamic color change makes it look amazing. Custom hologram sticker design can effectively protect brand & products from forgery. To add security, you can print own logo, serial number, QR Code for track and trace.

9. There are two kinds of hologram labels on usage, one is permanent(can't be damaged), another is easily damaged, only can be used for once, while someone want to remove it off, it will be damaged and left some gold or silver matter on product. Warranty VOID Anti-Counterfeit Laser Sticker
Common Type Pattern Release can be “VOID”, “ORIGINAL”, “SECURITY” and etc. Holographic Warranty VOID If Removed Labels

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1.)100% manufacturer
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6) 'VOID' , 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED', 'Honey Comb' Pattern Released Tamper Evident Hologram Label
Custom secure genuine tamper evident hologram warranty void label

12. Anti-counterfeit, Tamper, waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant, eco-friendly, scratch off, scratch-off, Barcode, Heat sensitive, Holographic, 2D /3D, one time / permanent sticker, honeycomb or void, Roll label automatic labeling. brand protection, help marketing and promotion, Combine more technology to enhance the anti-forgery purpose.