3D hologram labels

Space stereo:

Use the special technology of making the pattern, producing the feeling of graphics and texts' continue and a strong sense of three-dimensional, the lable is beautiful and anti counterfeiting strongly so that prevent from coping.

When making pattern, hiding the graphics and tests into the content of the sign, we can't see by our eyes but the cipher will recovery under the light of the laser pen.

Dynamic holographic: The graphics and tests of laser sign has the feeling of shadow, visual dynamic , colorful, fulling of visual. Because of the complex making procedure, it is too hard to copy.

Gold, Sliver, Red, Blue, Green and so on.

1. Laser sractch off labels
2. Laser VOID labels
3. Laser labels with seris number

Laser anti-counterfeiting labels is sutiable for many kinds of industries' products, such as digital, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.And its cost is cheap.

Hologram labels Technology

Laser anti counterfeiting label printing pattern's anti-counterfeiting technology
1. Flower:The surface of the lable is printed on many kinds flowers pattern, can be Appreciated and be anti counterfeiting. It can be combined with the personalized products and company profile to design the corresponding laser anti-counterfeit labels.
2. Ground-tint:Combaining with the different elements' change accorging to the regularity and continuity, such as straight line, curve, and corrugated lines and so on. It is commonly used on identification of documents' anti counterfeiting.
3. Lace:It is printed on the edge of the product, adopt many different compound lace by changing the elements and colors to come to the decoration and anti counterfeiting.
4. Latent image:The related words and pictures are printed on the Inside of the pattern, the feeling likes the words and pictures are inside the printed products.
5. Relief:The use of the relief's processing and liner of the line, the application of this Laser anti counterfeiting is wide.
6. Microfilm:The size of the text narrows to the naked eye can't change, this anti counterfeiting Technology is simple.
7. Anti scan:The use of modern ultra precision scanners and photographic plate can no longer show the line.This prevents the print from being copied.
8. Picture dealing: using different lines, connecting with the background pattern of the printed products
and then according to set diferent data procudure to have different anti counterfeiting function.

1. The description of custom hologram layered anti-counterfeit sticker 3d security label.

Custom self adhesive tamper proof hologram stickers usually with customized company logo, name or texts. Warranty will be void if seal broken, moved or tampered, so the goods can not be repaired.This kind of hologram anti-counterfeit sticker is customized by one of our customer, the material of this sticker is ultra destructible sticker, hologram material and glossy film, the size of it is 35mmX35mm, the liner is bigger than the sticker, so it can be peeled off easily.the facestock of this sticker is three layers, when someone try to remove it, the hologram and film layers will be peeled off, and the ultra destructible layer will be damaged. it is a special way to tamper proof.2)The material of this kind of tamper proof hologram sticker is plain hologram ultra destructible label paper, printed with red months, years and text"Mir GSM

1) It can not be removed, if others want to remove it , it will become little and little.So if the warranty sticker is
broken, the goods can not be repaired;
2) Can be printed by a lot of ways, and printing effect is excellent;
3) Size, color, design, thickness and fragile can be customized as your need
4) Can be die cutting.
5) Can be stick on lots of clean and not incisive surfaces, like plastic, wooden, metal, paper and so on.
6) Glue is environmental water-based glue, it is cear, smells good and can keep more time tha the common. The common glue is yellow and smells bad.

3. Grade A:very brittle of the facestock, But it is hard to cut the spare papers
Grade B:moderate brittle of the facestock, but it is tend to Grade A.The spare papers cannot be cutted by
hand, cannot by machine
Grade C:moderate brittle of the facestock, but it is tend to Grade D.The spare papers can be cutted by
Grade D:the facestock is not very easy brittle. The spare papers can be cutted by machine.

4. Adhesive printed paper material , speical paper , PET , PVC/Vinyl or transparent vinyl are available.

5. Rainbow and custom color printing, CMYK/1C/2C, Pantone color, Green , sliver , gold
Surface finishing:Glossy, matt, UV lamination, offset printing, silk screen printing, CMYK

6. Gloss or Matt Paper Sticker, Gold or Silver Foil Paper , PET, PVC , PP , Clean Vinyle Sticker. Wide Range for Your Selection.     Usage:Widely Use in Cloth, Toys, Shoes, Bags, Cosmetics, Tbacco and Liquor, Electronic Product, Passport and Certificate etc.

7. Material Thickness:25#, 36#, 50# or 80gsm/150gsm as customized Function: Custom logo sticker/anti counterfeit/barcode/qr code/scratch off/water proof/ self adhesive//holographic

8. Our custom sticker can be all customized. Sheet stickers are available in various size and shape. All of our sticker are printed on a whole 12 inches by 18 inches sheet and kiss cut into the backing, making removing and placing the labels easy. Roll stickers are available in different shapes, including square, rectangle, oval and circle, rolled on to a standard 3'' core. If you are looking for something special, contact our custom printing team to discuss a range of unique options.

9. 1) Free design can be provied
2) Great to prevent leakage, excellent moisture barrier
3) Strong sealing
5)Selected Materials. Sdurable
6)If you need more security, can add scratch off, QR code etc.

10. Anti-fake, waterproof, security, durable, Holographic, eco-friendly Anti-counterfeit, Tamper, waterproof, oil-proof, heat-resistant, eco-friendly, scratch off, scratch-off, Barcode, Heat sensitive, Holographic, 2D /3D, one time / permanent sticker, honeycomb or void, Roll label automatic labeling. brand protection, help marketing and promotion, Combine more technology to enhance the anti-forgery purpose.