Themal transfer paper label

Thermal transfer paper is a high-performance general purpose permanent adhesive, from the worldwide leader in pressure-sensitive technology. It was purpose-built for applications to deliver better initial tack and adhesion, especially at lower temperatures, without sacrificing high-speed converting.

Tested and proven in multiple trials, the adhesive performs in a broader low temperature window across a wide range of surfaces, including corrugated, plastics, HDPE, LDPE and glass.

While our previous generation of adhesives led the industry, it was engineered so converters and their customers never have to compromise on application performance at room or cold temperatures. With other general purpose adhesives, low initial tack at the time of application in temperatures below 40° F could cause the label to lift.

Product No.CCTTP081CCTTP072
FacestockA specially coated matte white woodfree
printing paper
A white woodfree
Thickness86 g/m2, 0.081mm70g/m², 0.072 mm
Adhesiveacrylic based adhesiveacrylic based adhesive
LinerWhite glassine paper
61 g/m2, 0.055mm
White paper
60 g/m2, 0.057mm
ColorMatte WhiteMatte White
PrintingFull ColorFull Color
FeaturesThe special coated facestock is designed to do flexo and letterpress preprinting, for screens, reverses and other areas of heavy ink coverage.Cares should be taken with the ink  visicosity during printing process. Areas of the label designated for imprinting should not be printed or varnished prior to  imprinting.
Excellent conversion characteristics in  rotary and flat-bed.