Thermal Indicator Stickers

The temperature indicator stickers, visually to temperature. have many advantage, such as dust-proof, waterproof, convenient, fast adn accurate, etc. Thermopaint sheet is Irreversible. with memory function, in the case of the staff can not look after can memorized the correct temperature, will holding permanent after discoloration.

The tempature indicator sticker is similar to the self adhesive paper , pasted measured point on the back of the is a new class of irreversible temperature indicating product of color change indicates overheating . when the temperature of the measured pointed is higher than rated temperature .discolouring tempature indicator sticker turn into black overheating from original white.and keep the black forever.

PVC synthesis materials, Special temperature sensitive materials

Irreversible (over 50℃)
Non-irreversible (45℃ - 180℃), single temperature or combination several temperature.

Be widely used in industries. such as electrical connectors, transformers, busbars, motors, bearings, mechanical equipment, clothing hot press, printing and dyeing and plate-making . and widely use in occasion of can not use thermometer temperature measurement and Just know how much the temperature exceeds. the application of the tempature indicator sticker, make up for the lack of the infrared thermometer and the contact thermometer. It was hailed as overheating fault "whistleblowers."just survey the tempature indicator sticker discoloration. then to complete the complicated and time-consuming temperature work.

1. The sticker color will be changed after the temperature reaches the point for color change. Heat sensitive color changing sticker, hand sensitive color changing, and cold sensitive color changing sticker are available. It can be widely used in cups, mugs, refrigerator, bottles etc to measure the temperature.

2. Makes it possible to easily measure the temperature of the brake caliper by applying the sticker directly on the caliper
Helps minimize damage from overheating, and catch irregularities in advance by practicing proper temperature management.
A wide temperature measurement range of 149℃~260℃ makes it possible for both street-use and competition-use
Uses a irreversible colour changing material which indicates the maximum temperature reached

3. According to a recent survey approximately one in 10 packages arrive damaged. Impact damage can often be clearly visible, however damage caused by temperature can be harder to identify and become particularly harmful when gone unnoticed in goods such as food or pharmaceutical drugs. Therefore, monitoring your shipment is particularly important when temperature sensitive goods are being delivered. A ShockWatch temperature indicator sticker is a cost-effective solution to ensure temperature sensitive parcels are delivered undamaged.

4. A sticker-type skin-surface temperature indicator, commercially available in Japan, has been utilized to monitor temperature changes in replanted digits. In clinical application, the authors evaluated several shortcomings in some of these devices. For example, the 10-mm diameter indicator is too small for numbers to be seen clearly. The 18-mm diameter indicator is too large to patch onto the finger pulp. To improve this device, the authors used only the number 33 from the 18-mm diameter indicator and applied it to several study subjects. Judgments about the circulatory status of the replanted digit can be made on the basis of the indicator color. The 18-mm diameter indicator, now modified to use only the number 33, is in common use for all the authors' digital replantation cases. Clinicians' ability to see critical temperature changes has been markedly improved, even under poor lighting conditions.

5. 6 Different numbers light up as the temperature changes making it very easy to instantly see the correct temperature.
This self adhesive temperature strip simply sticks to the side of your fermenter bucket, barrel, keg, demijohn etc to give to an ongoing temperature reading.
The temperature thermometer behing the back ordinary glue or 3M glue that can be attached to the all kinds of card,can also be used for bookmarks.
Easily monitor your brew to make sure your yeasties are working at their ideal temperature.
Stick one on all your fermenting vessels.

6. The liquid crystal forehead thermometer strip provides a safe, easy and accurate way to check the temperature. Just hold the thermometer firmly by both ends, and place against on dry forehead for 15 seconds, read the forehead thermometer while still held against on the forehead. Green color indicates the correct temperature. It is handy and exquisite. It is good promotional gift.

7. The Fever Indicator Stickers are a convenient, fuss free stick-on fever indicator that allows parents to continuosly monitor their child's fever or temperature for up to 72 hours. By simply looking at the colourful stick-on Bumble Bee on your child's forehead, you can easily monitor their temperature all day. The stickers are easy, safe and fun for your child.

The temperature indicator will show 'N' at 36 degrees, or if your child has a fever, the 'N' will disappear and the 37,38,39,40 degree indicator will show depending the severity of the fever.

No mercury, no glass, non toxic! Pocket size, can be used at home or traveling .

8. Simple to use and convenient to read.
Measure the temperature of your fish tank, your DIY Brew Beer and wine barrel, Terrarium, Greenhouse, Vivarium and any sort of pet tank, or any place in your house
The right water temperature is very important for the health of your fish, get your beer and wine right or use in kitchen or around the home to monitor temperature
Easy to install, just peel off the back of the sticker and the transparent protective film at the front and stick it on the outside wall of the aquarium, that is it.
No battery and suction cup to worry about.