Hologram void sticker

1. "VOID" will leave when you peel off the label, can be used in anti-counterfeit. Warranty VOID sticker can be used on the surface of packing box and other product. When peeling it off, there will be VOID left .

This type of tamper proof labels results in leaving the tamperproof labels itself evidently tampered with when attempted to peel, any adhesive that does remain can be removed easily with a light finger rub.

2. We can print VOID labels with different colors, like white, silver, red, blue and so on. VOID Labels be made by special material, it will leave "void" or other custom words preconcerted when it is peered off, used for the products which need special anti-fake functions. When you remove layer, VOID or OPENED will appear.

3. Security VOID label used for seal high value customer packages . before removed sticker, can not see any security message" VOID" or " OPEN VOID" on the label surface . once removed the hidden security message" void" or " OPEN VOID " will appreance on the label surface .

We can meet customer kindly requiry printing customer logo and text on the label. as well as barcode . QR code etc .

We also can meet the customer special inquiry customise customer own security message instead of " VOID" or " OPEN VOID "

4. Tamper Proof void stickers are a kind of security label materials which based with the vinyl film or coated papers or synthetic vinyls. VOID stickers will leave texts "VOID"or "VOIDOPEN' or customized hollow texts or patterns on the stickers or the covered surface once removed.

Product No.CCVOID025
FacestockPET film
Thickness0.0508 mm
AdhesiveSolvent Acrylic
LinerWhite glassine paper/ Super-calendered paper stock
ColorGloss White,
Matte Silver,
Bright silver
Serice Temperature-30℃-150℃
Application Temperature7°C
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesTamper-indicating properties