Tyvek materials labels

1. Tyvek Packaging Sterilization Rolls are made by a certified peelable neutral and transparent plastic material coming from a special layer of polyester andpolyethylene and by the certified material called TYVEK® with registered trade mark in sole agency from the company BAZHOU.
v Made of transparent PET/PE and Tyvek
v Excellent microbial barrier properties
v Easy peel and aseptic presentation
v Wide sealing temperature window
v Easy seal with sealing machines
v Clear and accurate color change from Purple to Wine red
v Suitable for plasma and ETO sterilization

2. Tge usage illustration of the tyvek heat-sealing reel. Instuction:1、Select the proper sterilization reel according to the size of items under sterilization and put the items in it or the reel has the possibility to break.2、Place the sharp and special shape device in right position for sale peeling when open.3、Seal the reel with heat sealingdevice and mark the time,purpose etc for convenience.4、Put the sealed reel rightly into devices for EO and plasma sterilization.5、Pay attention to the color-changing:if sterilization is really implemented,it will turn brown from initial pink under the EO sterilization and yellow from initial green under plasma sterilization.6、Open the cap along the direction ptrinted on the pouch and then take the items out.

3. Tyvek is the special materials from Dupont, it made of HDPE.From the raw materials of the product alone,Material 2 Layers laminated materials:
3 Layers laminated materials:
4 Layers laminated materials:
PET/AL/NY/LDPE &customize

4. Tyvek is the special materials from Dupont, it made of HDPE.It can efficiently prevent damage caused by sharp or heavy products.
The materials can be waterproof, resist to dust and air. Have very good breathability. It widely applied in Usage Field Snack food,milk powder,beverage powder,nuts,dried food,dried fruit,
Washing powder,salt,flours,dog food,candy,rice, confectionaries etc

Product No.2FS
Basic Weight(g/m²)59.5
Discrete peeling
Gurley Method's air
peremeance sec/100cc
Characters1.Excellent resistance to
microbial penetration.
2.Reducing the risk of packaging failure greatly.
3.Appropriate to different sterilization method.
4.Low pollution risk of equipment.
5.Ability to withstand transportation challenges.
6.Excellent anti - puncture performance, its toughness and microbial barrier properties are better than paper