Glow in the dark stickers

You can put the stickers under the sun or light in the day, and the sticker will absorb the light from them, once the surrounding become dark, the sticker can glow in the dark with certain light color.

Product No.CCGID060
Special CoatingSpecial glow in the dark coating
AdhesiveRubber-based adhesive
LinerKraft paper stock
ColorRed, Chartreuse, Orange, Green, Blue
PrintingFull Color
Features20 min luminance: 76.77 mcd/m2
5 min luminance: 413.2 mcd/m2
10 min luminance: 238.7 mcd/m2
Beginning luminance: 5839 mcd/m2

1. You can put the stickers under the sun or light in the day, and the sticker will absorb the light from them, once the surrounding become dark, the sticker can glow in the dark with certain light color.

2. Glow in the dark stickers has the features about printing and Customized:
You can print any Pantone color number, any shape, any size, Has a good effect on the kids stickers.

3. Reflective Labels/Stickers are printed on a silver based stock, which provides a high-visibility metallic sheen to all printed colors. When light is shined on reflective stickers or decals, the sticker will bounce the light, making it appear as if the sticker or decal is glowing. Given the reflective nature of this product, to get the best results we advise that only a minimal amount of black or dark ink colors be used on this material. Reflective stickers are usually cut into single sheets but are available in rolls in certain situations.

4. Our highly durable line of reflective tapes provides excellent adhesion properties. Equipped with a highly reflective coating, reflective tapes are ideal for nighttime vehicle recognition, traffic signage, and other demanding traffic control situations where higher visibility is key. Offering regular, engineer, or high intensity grade sheeting, we can provide a selection of reflective tapes that are guaranteed to meet your brightness requirements.

5. Our durable, permanent stickers will ensure your logo or signage are clearly visible in poor lighting or weather conditions. Reflective sticker material lasts for up to five years in harsh outdoor conditions, ideal for use indoors or outdoors.

6. Reflective Safety Stickers – Need to have custom safety stickers printed? The red and yellow in typical warning label designs reflect at night, making them incredibly visible.
Reflective Vehicle Stickers – Advertise your logo and add an extra layer of safety using our Reflective Stickers on car doors, automotive windows, bumpers and more. Our Reflective Stickers apply with a peel and stick application, and remove without any residue.

7. Reflective stickers serve the dual purpose of ensuring your logo, sign, text, or other information becomes legibile or noticeable at low visibility times such as at night, or during poor weather conditions. This also provides a safety benefit as they attract attention in the dark. For this reason reflective stickers are commonly used on hard hats, bicycles, for emergency signage and on slow moving vehicles or in construction sites.

8. Photoluminescent self-adhesive film is made from photoluminescent pigment with some kinds of different Material, and backed with self-adhesive paper, nontoxic and harmless, environment friendly.

9. Glow in the dark stickers has the features as following:
It doesn’t contain any radioactive elements and is characterized by quick light absorption, longer afterglow time and longer service life.

10. Luminescent Film is made from PET and acrylic materials, alkaline earth aluminate and which are activated by rare earth element.
It presents stable chemical properties.
No Toxic, no radioactive, environmental protection, high luminance,
Application:computer cutting, silkscreen printing, solvent printing
Service life:Outdoor 5-7years, indoor 15years
Glow time: 5 hours, 8 hours, 10hours, 12 hours