Custom printing self adhesive gold foil embossed label colourful round sticker

High quality foil embossed labels are produced using the highest quality method of printing to transfer metallic foil to the surface of your labels. Foil embossing creates depth and adds distinction to anniversary seals and other types of labels. Choose from a wide range of foil colors, ink colors and label sizes. Available on rolls or in sheets.

We are the trusted online source for foil and embossed labels. Our online ordering system offers fast and affordable custom foil embossed labels with just the right options. We specialize in the foil embossing of anniversary seals. Custom printed on rolls or sheets. We also offer blank foil labels on sheets, too.

Custom printing self adhesive gold foil embossed label circut sticker colourful round sticker
Copper paper,synthetic paper,dumb silver PET,white PET,transparent PET,PVC.
CMYK, Pantone color, Full color.
Variety of Effects
waterproof,hologram, die cut,High temperature resistance, transparent, gold foil,removable and so on.
Roll, Individual sheet or Die Cut.
Lead time
Normally 5-7 work days after payment and artwork confirmed.
By BOLETO, mastercard, visa, e-Checking, PAYLATER, T/T, Westrurn Union
By air, sea, international express, etc.

In the world of labels, foil and embossed labels are the "Best of Class" champions when it comes to elegance, sophistication and panache. We like to think that no finely crafted product is complete without a shiny or raised official seal of approval.

One of the most prestigious methods of printing has been foil stamping along with embossing the paper. This method by transferring metallic foil to the surface of label stock will set apart your labels. The embossing is just the addition of creating depth which will give a 3D look and adds a very sophisticated and complete look.

We offer different foil colors such as Gold, Silver, Copper, Red, White and Black foil. Create these one of a kind labels for your brand and see how your customers will instantly be impressed. Foil stamping is a technique in which our printers use foil, a die and pressure to imbue the surface of your sticker with a foil shimmer of your color choice. We raise the bar even more by adding a 3-D feel to your foil embossed roll label. The embossing raises certain parts of your sticker so that the customer can feel the raised portions. These glamorous foil stickers custom heighten the look and prestige of any product it is placed on whether it be a nicely wrapped cake box, a bottle of fine wine, or an expensive box of chocolates. Foil embossed roll labels are perfect.

Looking for a specific foil emboss label size? No worries, we offer a multitude of sizes from small as 1" x 1" all the way up to 5" x 5". We also have different shapes: Square, Oval, Rectangle and Circle for easy online orders.

If you look on your label shelf and you line up all the roll labels that you’ve ever purchased, foil emboss roll labels will always stand out. The metallic foil labels with their metallic shimmer, and the raised surface makes them unique in the roll label world. Foil stamped labels uses foil stamping to give your product a 3D feel like no other. BZSticker is also unique in that we are the top print shop to produce foil emboss roll labels in the market. You can rest assured when ordering these custom foil stickers that you will receive the highest quality material, the most eye-catching foil colors, and the most durable stickers on the market today.

When you buy foil emboss roll labels you have an edge over your competitors because the metallic finish and the shimmer and the foil give a glimpse of elegance and glamour. Set your products with foil emboss roll labels in your store windows to catch the sunlight and hints of metallic material that will draw more and more customers to do more than window shop but actually come in to buy your products.


All of our roll labels are printed on BOPP material. This material is one of a kind in that it has a more upscale look with a mirror-like finish. We could go on and on about the BOPP material! You can order it in chrome silver, clear removable, white or permanent white. Know that whenever you order foil emboss roll labels with us they’re always printed with the greatest care on BOPP material that guarantees your sticker will stay long after the competitors' stickers peel off and or fade under the sun. BOPP material will not let you down. No matter what kind you order: gold foil roll labels are silver foil stickers, BOPP material will ensure that no matter the weather or temperature your stickers will do what they’re made to do: stick! Try our bright gold foil, bright silver foil, dull gold foil, or dull silver foil.


The great thing about roll labels is their versatility. When you’re ordering foil embossed roll labels you can rest assured that whatever your product, we can find a size that fits for you. Majority of labels are used to package products you can fit in your hand so standard sizes are 1“ x 1“ to 5“ x 5“. But if you are as unique as we think you are, you may have thought outside the box. Feel free to send us a custom quote for larger sizes of foil embossed roll labels. With each and every order we receive, we determine what way we can save you the most by ensuring that your roll labels can be printed in the most cost efficient way.