Custom print warning seal sticker transparent label sticker

We sell safety seal labels for food containers so that you can let your customers know that your products are tamper proof! Safety labels come in both standard and custom print. Some of our designs allow you to customize the text with your own message. The most important thing is letting your customers know that your food is safe to eat!

Our safety seals come in a variety of styles and shapes. Choose the best one for your business and let us help you customize it! The seals work best on paper bags and boxes.

Custom print warning seal sticker transparent label sticker square semi reflective transparent sticker manufacturer
MeteralCopper paper,synthetic paper,dumb silver PET,white PET,transparent PET,PVC.
ColorCMYK, Pantone color, Full color.
Variety of Effectswaterproof, hologram, die cut, High temperature resistance, transparent, gold foil,removable and so on.
PackageRoll, Individual sheet or Die Cut.
Lead timeNormally 5-7 work days after payment and artwork confirmed.
PaymentBy BOLETO, mastercard, visa, e-Checking, PAYLATER, T/T, Westrurn Union.
ShippingBy air, sea, international express, etc.

The Custom Printed Security Labels are intended for most non-porous (glass, metal, etc) surfaces; they show tamper evidence from a hidden pattern (dots pattern, OPENED VOID, etc) that is revealed when the label is removed. The OPENED VOID pattern is shown in the film and in the adhesive residue left on the surface.

Our Non-Residue Security Labels reveal a hidden pattern (OPENED VOID) in the film when removed, but they do not leave an adhesive residue on the affixed surface. They are ideal for windows, doors, access panels, files, cabinets, aircraft hatches, etc.

Also a Non-Residue Label, our Secure-Guard Plus Security Labels are designed for plastic surfaces and textured surfaces (metal and plastic). Often these are the most difficult surfaces to adhere a security label.

Our Security Labels are also suitable as a non-residue label for many porous surfaces such as paper, paperboard and cardboard.

Our Security Seals have two key tampering features for shipping cartons with high value contents. The hidden pattern (OPENED) is revealed when removed. Plus, if the the carton is slit and re-sealed with clear tape, the word OPEN will appear 2 hours later to indicate tampering.

Tamper Strips are primarily used to detect slitting or slight tampering. The thin strips will break to show a broken seal. The ends also have a hidden pattern (dots) to show if the label is removed.

Custom Self-Voiding Labels are conventional security labels (or non-residue labels), but with a customized hidden pattern. Instead of the usual hidden pattern (OPENED VOID), we can create a CUSTOM hidden pattern with your company name and/or logo.

The Acetate Security Tapes & Labels show tampering from being torn or broken. Acetate is the most affordable security tape and labels we offer. They are often used to seal porous surfaces such as paper envelopes, paperboard containers, or cardboard.

We offer a variety of Frangible Paper Labels which will indicate tampering by tearing or delaminating. Some include fluorescing fibers as a hidden anti-counterfeiting feature. These low cost seals are often used to seal envelopes, product packages, etc.

Our Block Out Privacy Labels are intended to cover printed confidential information. If removed, the labels are designed to delaminate, but leaving the black adhesive in place to visually block the underlying confidential information.

Our Water Detection Labels change color from direct water contact.

We provide specialty labels and tapes for Certified Cargo Screening Facilities.

We also offer a product line of Mechanical Security Seals which operate on the principal of a "broken seal" and are used to mechanically secure a variety of containers. Typical applications include truck doors, trailer doors, railcar doors, totes, valves, coin bags, inner drum bags, crime scene evidence storage bags, zippers, and any container with a hasp or loop.