8.5″ x 11″ US standard express shipping labels


a. These labels have Rounded corners and are Perforated down the middle for easy convenience. Work Great with all Inkjet or Laser Printers.
b. These are Perfect for your ebay, paypal, usps click N ship, UPS, Fedex and many other postage applications.
c. These are Standard 8.5 x 11 Letter Size Sheets with two labels. Each label Measures can be 5.125" x 7.5" or 8.5" x 5.5" Inches as you can see through the pics.
d. Jam FREE, Curl Free white adhesive labels that are completely Blank on the FRONT and BACK.. no markings or logos on these at all.
e. These labels can come in BLANK or have printing on it per your requirements.

Product No.CCUSS050
FacestockWhite matte art paper
Thickness80 g/m2, 0.050 mm
AdhesiveSrong permanent acrylic based adhesive.
LinerWhite glassine paper
62 g/m2, 0.050mm
ColorMatte White
PrintingLaser and Inkjet printer
FeaturesThe surface is matte and rough, very good printing performance for Inkject and Laser printer.
Size8.5" x 11"

1. 8.5" x 11" US standard express shipping labels offer the same function but they are also commonly used when there is limited space on the product,this label can increase the printing area for information communication.From the raw materials of the product alone,Paper labels:
Direct Thermal Labels (Heat Sensitive, No Need Ribbon)Premium Quality: Water proof, oil proof, scratch proof and strong adhesive.Top Quality: Water proof with strong adhesive.

2. Asset Tracking is critical in the Logistic Industry and the movement of Goods often entails the exposure to different weather and storage conditions. Our products are Top Coated for both conventional printing technology and Thermal Transfer Printing. Our Special Coating meets the harsh environment challenges with high resistance to Chemicals, Temperature and Abrasion.

3. 8.5" x 11" US standard express shipping labels is widely used for the shipping stickers on boxes. The material of sticker is varied, and each has own characteristics,
Ø durable; waterproof; tear-proof; static-proof;oil-proof,heat-resistant,anti-ultraviolet
Ø hologram or hot foil or serial number can be used
Ø good quality printing, durable
Ø disposable, aseptic, bio-degradable, recycled.
Ø Eco-friendly,nontoxic, odor free

4. Product description:
Material: self-adhesive paper, we use the specific material to make the paper thinner, so that even some cheaper than 150USD printers can work with it.
Format: Standard A4 Page Matte Surface(210*297mm) stickersApplication: laserjet, injet, almost all the normal printers. Pay attention to use the original printing consumables.

5. The material of this shipping labels is premium wood free paper, no jam and no curl, work great with laser and inkjet printers!
Label is blank and without any LOGO!
* Sheet Size: Letter size(11"x8.5") with 2 labels
* Label Size: 8.5"x5.5", 7.5"x5.125", 7.0"x4.5", or customized
* 8.5"x5.5" with straight corner;
* The others with round corner, perforated betwwen 2 labels for peeling easily
* Easily formatted to label templates
* Approved for USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL
* Package: 100sheets/OPP bag, 5 bags/carton; 5.5kg/carton
* We are a manufacturer in China, and our products are hot cakes in USA
* Customized is available

6. Uasge
1. Organize your documents quickly and easily.
2. Feature your titled pages or handouts and they are ideal for flexible letterings.
3. Widely used in office, library, medicine, supermarket,
logistics, warehouse and so on.

7. The type label is very common label for foreign country.What can't be ignored is its characteristics.• Easy to use, removable, safe, decorative and long-lasting.
• Strong adhesive, can stick to any place you want.
• Competitive price & low MOQ requirement.
• Provide customized service, OEM & ODM are welcome.

8. BAZHOU manufacture and Distribute labels for Logistics,Grocery Stores, Supermarkets, Food Warehouses, Bakerie's, Deli's, Meat Markets, Butcher Shops, Convenience Stores and more.
We can supply various label, such as thermal label, art paper label, BOPP label, PVC label, PET label etc.
No matter what type label you need, just tell us, we will do our best.
Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value have helped us win many loyal customers among the world.

9. Print machine: For barcode printers
Application: shipping labels, freight labels, mailing labels
Feature: Fast print, high definition, smooth scan, strong adhesive; work efficiecy greatly improved

Face stock: Direct thermal paper is a kind of thermal coated paper material. It is characterized of high heat sensitivity and is quite suitable for low voltage print head which is well protected in this case. There are three layers for face stock: bottom: Base, middle: thermal why we can see the graphic on the thermal paper when heated by printing.
Glue: Categories: Emulsion, hot melt glue, removable glue.
Backing paper: Categories: glassine release paper, white paper, yellow paper, transparent paper
Shelf life: Two years stored at temp of 24'C and humidity of 50%.