Beer Labels

The application of self adhesive labels in beer industry provides opportunities to large beer manufacurers to perfect products image. However, the restriction of traditintoal metalized paper is big challenges.

Leading beer manufacturers are rapidly turning to self adhesive films. Super clear face, clear adhesive, and high tensile release, becomes a new trend of elborate beer labels, as well as the quality achieved by labelstocks suppliers. Meanwhile, bottle recycling makes washable labels become a main topic in present label industry.

Within our selection of fantastic and very cool beer labels you will find vintage Austrian beer label styles, American classics, plus clean and contemporary styles. You’ll also find bold and strong designs, and traditional styles so you can dress up your beer just the way you want. Then personalize your beer labels with your words and photos.

Customized Beer Labels & Stickers at the Speed of Light

Presenting a customized beer is a crafty art; so are you prepared for it? If not, you have reached the right place where quality and art complement each other. We are one of the most revered brands in the field of personalization of labels. We have an extensive range of stickers that have unique themes and designs to match every possible occasion. Our custom beer labels are great for birthday parties, bachelor parties, weddings, corporate parties or any other occasions.

Do you know it takes just a creative stroke to make an occasion eventful? We, for all means, are the creative hub of designing where customization is dealt with skill and art. We’ve got every resource in place to give a touch of gold to your personalization process. As a result, you get high quality, high resolution labels for beer bottles that are rarely seen. That is why we have a great reputation in the industry for providing high resolution beer bottle labels & stickers that are vibrant and bright. The most important part is our designers take your specification and meet your needs in minimal time possible. This is, in fact, indicative of our ultra-professionalism.

Why should you choose BAZHOU to label your beer bottles?

With personalization at its best, BAZHOU is a brand of authority and trustworthiness. Our motto is fulfilling the genuine need of our customers, which is why the quality of our labels speaks volumes. Furthermore, we use only the finest brands of ink during the printing process, so a vivid colour is present in every label that is printed. Our stickers are waterproof and easy to apply. Our high quality label designs can be printed according to your exact specifications, and there is no other company that can match ours in quality and price. You will be amazed at the huge selection of designs that we have to offer.

When it comes to enjoying and celebrating any event during outside or in-house parties, beer bottles with customized stickers completes the occasion. On this very occasion as well, our custom beer bottle labels, wine labels, champagne labels definitely add to the flavor. The glitter and shine of these stickers make you enjoy even more. In such instants, you can make your own professional labels with our help. Our designers will never disappoint you as they never have before. The styles, fonts, colours, and the artwork of our designers help you make your own, which are simply awesome. In your next party, you should surely give it a try.