Wine Labels

Wine Label is the most important factor in many wine purchases. It can define a wine entire identity, “Taste, Quality, Spirits and Miracles”.

Grape wine in cups of jade, with exquisite labels, imparts an air of elegance. The grape wine is healthy, which also brings the increasing of consumption.

Matte-white, textured and metailzed papers are typically used for wine labels. BAZHOU could also provide support according to client’s special requirements.

Wine labels are important sources of information for consumers since they tell the type and origin of the wine. The label is often the only resource a buyer has for evaluating the wine before purchasing it. Certain information is ordinarily included in the wine label, such as the country of origin, quality, type of wine, alcoholic degree, producer, bottler, or importer.

Get Mesmerizing Custom Wine Labels for Any Occasion

Are you looking for that perfect moment when you give a wine bottle to your loved one? We specialize in providing you with high quality custom wine labels that will exceed your expectations. Our marvellous designs make your wine truly unique, whether you want them them as a wedding gift or birthday presents. At any given day, we have no doubt that our labels can transform your wine bottle into an elegant souvenir. Nothing will give your more soothing pleasure when you serve your favourite wine to your guests at dinner parties, along with personalized wine labels. As far as technology is concerned, we use advanced printing and cutting process that allows us to create wine stickers in any shape and size. By the way, the size of our templates varies according to the shape and volume of the wine bottles. Most of the bottles will feature the standard “Bordeaux” style design.

Create Your Own Custom Wine Labels

You can customize our pre-designed templates with your own texts and photos. At BAZHOU, we have unlimited options to fulfil your needs. With hundreds of distinctive designs to choose from, no one can stop you from finding the perfect one for your specific occasion. We will help you bring out your creative and artistic skills, while your recipient will never forget your customized gift. To create a bespoke wine label or sticker, you don’t need any coding or designing skills. It’s really simple to get started, even simpler to finish the process.

If you follow our steps, you make your own custom labels or stickers within minutes. Pick a layout of a particular size and shape according to your need. Choose a theme that will give your label a beauty boost. Now personalize your label with eye-catching images, you can find so many of them. Describe your label with an engaging text, or you can put your personal message for your recipient. Our easy to use label editor makes it a breeze to add personalized text and images to your label design. Finally, download and print your label.

How are labels from BAZHOU different from others

Our customers admire the superior quality that is present in all of our personalized labels. We have hundreds of options to choose from, so you will never be limited in regards to choice. Therefore, whether you need custom champagne labels for anniversaries or personalized labels for exotic wine bottles, we can come up with any kind of design imaginable. Before you ready your wine glasses on the table, just take a look at our label on the wine bottle. It is high quality, water resistant, and wonderful looking print that you might not have seen before. Our personalized wine bottle tags are what you need them to be at those very moments. Whether it is your romantic date or a rare family dinner or an official luncheon for that matter, our label collections are more than perfect for any occasion. The variety of color combinations decorated with perfection and style is our hallmark. If you have selected our wine labels, we guarantee that you will select them many times over.