Wet Wipes Labels

We offer a range of Wet Wipes Labels that combine reliable, long-term label adhesion and clean removability when required. These adhesive products are used in diverse manufacturing markets, ranging from automotive information or warning labels, point-of-sale labels, high temperature paint masking, manufacturing tracking identification and library book labels.

Our proprietary methods of combining adhesives and films ensure ultimate bond strength between face material and adhesive. This is key to ensuring the adhesive does not detach from the face film upon removal. A variety of adhesion levels are available to enable adhesion to and removal from a wide variety of surfaces, including low and high energy and curved surfaces.

The adhesives are suitable for use with many of our films and the adhesive’s particular chemistry can be further modified to meet customers’ performance requirements.

A wet wipe, is a small moistened piece of cloth or paper that is folded and individually wrapped in its own sachet or wrapper for convenience.

Cleansing wipes are generally moistened with scented water, while disinfecting wipes are moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

The use of re-sealable labels is increasing as consumers rely on the convenience of portable, easy-to-open, easy-to-close packaging. From dry goods to facial cleansing cloths to household cleaners, a reliable re-sealable label can improve product freshness retention while adding protection.

Wet wipes top labels may seem simple, but can be deceptively difficult. At BAZHOU, we understand the complex requirements of a wet wipes top label. BAZHOU have, over many years, built a range of resealable solutions for wet wipes and sachets and we continue to innovate.

For products that need to be repeatedly opened and closed (such as wet wipes and dry foodstuffs), BAZHOU offers resealable labels. Manufactured from polypropylene or other squeezable substrates with varnish or laminated film, these labels feature a “fingerlift” area without adhesive to prevent the label from sticking to your fingers.