Battery Labels

The temperature of battery always raise to high level, so we need special adhesive and special facestock to resist to the high temperature.

BAZHOU’s high temperature labels can fully meet the temperature resistance of battery labels to keep the good performance of the stickers on battery with long term.

With the changes in lithium battery shipping regulations, many new lithium battery shipping labels are now required on all packages carrying lithium ion batteries or lithium metal batteries. If you’re shipping lithium batteries, you’re in the right place to find the quality labels you need to stay in compliance. These labels have outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance and feature strong adhesion. All of these lithium battery labels are designed in accordance with international regulations, and help to keep your shipments in compliance to ensure that they are safe and properly handled by all personnel.

Rapid advances in technology and battery powered devices force industry experts to constantly reevaluate their products and practices. BAZHOU offers solutions to Automotive and Communications manufacturers looking to meet DOT regulations for battery packaging and shipping.

From Lithium metal to ion, barcode track and trace, universal waste and recycling, as well as CE identification, we have Labels that meet the standards and the custom printing capability to provide exactly the label your project demands.

Our battery labels are resistant to corrosion from the acids and oils often associated with battery manufacturing, as well as high temperature, abrasion, and chemical resistant. Not only does this ensure the integrity of your product but also the safety of the consumer.

Plastics are being used in parts manufacturing now more than ever, they are known to be more durable, last longer and in turn be more cost effective. Plastics are expected to grow in product manufacturing practice for years to come. However, when a plastic is exposed to high heat for long durations, it gives off a flammable gas which will burn or make the surrounding parts propagate a flame.

The good news is, with the right materials you can decrease the chance of a fire or in some cases avoid the probability all together. This is salt to the wound for many electronics companies over the last few years that have learned the hard way and as a result recalled tens of thousands of devices form around the globe.

BAZHOU can make sure that your products are engineered to resist the high temperatures associated with charging electronic devices and that you can have peace of mind knowing your product is safe for the end user is protected.