Cold food packing labels

Our cryogenic labelstocks Low Temperature label enable the reliable identification of plastic and glass vessels that undergo long-term storage in liquid nitrogen or deep-freezing. Desktop laser, conventional ink and thermal transfer printable films, they are ideal for use within clinical laboratories, biomedical research and other scientific environments.

With a cohesive bond high enough to withstand thermal shock, the labelstocks can be directly immersed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C without risk of delamination. The Low Temperature label can be variably printed via thermal transfer or laser, eliminating the use of marker pens for identification and so greatly reducing the risk of human error causing illegible marking or mislabeling. Users are also able to print the fine detail batch and barcodes required for small vials and test-tubes, ensuring all information is retained.

Are your labels for frozen packages peeling, warping or wrinkling? Labeling frozen packages can be tricky if you don’t have the right materials. For different cold and freezer environments make sure you’re using freezer grade adhesive labels.

The Cold Storage & Distribution industry can be a demanding environment. Work flow must be kept up at all times and all the while operating in environments from 40 degrees to sub-zero temperatures. By moving in and out of the cold all day, it’s crucial to have labels that you can depend on to overcome the cold environment challenges your company faces.

A few things to consider when purchasing a cold storage label:

Where you will be applying the labels
What surface you are applying the label to
The temperature(s) they will be subjected to

Cold storage labels have a freezer or deep freeze adhesive. These adhesives are designed for businesses that are labeling items in cold storage, refrigerator, or freezer environments. The labels can be used in any low temperature environment; some even have the ability to withstand – 320° F!

There are a variety of freezer grade adhesives specifically engineered to adhere to frozen surfaces. These industrial freezer labels are developed to work with both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal technologies. They feature excellent adhesion to a variety of frozen packaging materials and other substrates over a wide temperature range. Likewise, they are also well suited for applications in moist, damp environments.