Clothing Tags

Clothing Tags are all kinds of clothing tag hanging sign,contains some clothing material, washing notes. From the point of view, tag production materials are mostly paper, there are plastic and metal. In addition, also appeared the new tag with holographic anti-counterfeiting material made of. Again from the point of view of its shape is varied: long strip, folded and shaped, circular, triangular, pocket type and other special shape, really colorful, dazzling.

These clothing tags can be customised with your branding, logo and product information. Coated on both sides, and calendared for extra strength, your design is printed all over in full-colour. Each tag in your pack can be individually designed, or printed with the same graphics. They are the perfect way to showcase your clothing or craft range, and there’s no minimum order for independent designers. Available in small, medium and large, all our personalised swing tickets are complemented with a stylish 150mm hanging option: silver nickel ball chain or red ribbon. We cater for small and large orders.

Made from recycled matt card that’s calendared for extra strength, your personalised swing tags are eco-friendly, eye-catching and truly unique to your brand. Coated on both sides and printed in full colour on both sides, you can dedicate one side to your logo and branding and the other to sizing/product information. Whether you’ve got a small boutique or an online shop, custom clothing labels are a final finishing touch to give your garments the edge over competitors. We also do small orders for independent designers; perfect for prototypes and first-time events.

These days many schools are requesting that all kids clothing be labelled to avoid mix-ups in the classroom and over-flowing lost & found bins. Same with daycare; with so many items of spare clothing going to daycare, it’s crucial for both parents and teachers that all items be labelled to ensure your child wears their own shoes and their own sweater. While a sharpie and tape may seem like a solution to kids labels, you’ll end up ruining clothing and it won’t last through the wash cycle. A smudged label you can’t read is as good as no label at all.

BAZHOU Kids Name Labels are an easy and simple solution to have your kid’s clothes return home again. Moms love our labels for kids clothing because of the easy peel & stick, absolutely no fuss, it is essentially a durable kid name sticker that’ll survive long after the garment it’s adhered to does! Organized parents know that at the end of the day, kids name labels save you time and money.