Garment Size Stickers

Easily mark the size of your clothing and apparel to provide your customers with a better buying experience using size labels & clothing labels from BAZHOU. For use with both hanging and folded garments, choose from wrap-around size labels or round clothing labels. Both are available in all popular sizes including Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL. Our size label kits are conveniently designed with multiple rolls of Small, Medium, Large, and XL included enabling you to properly attach size labels and price tags to your clothing selection throughout your store.

We have the largest selection of pre-printed retail clothing size stickers and adhesive labels in the world. Thousands of retail stores across the globe utilize them, and those stores rely on the quality of the adhesive stickers we make, because only the best materials go into the product. Our size labels for clothing use an apparel-safe adhesive that provides a strong yet removable adhesion. This allows you to readjust as needed and allows customers to remove the stickers without harming the garments.

Choose from colored-coded, clear or white backgrounds for our retail clothing size stickers. Pant size stickers come in clear with white and black eco-friendly print for the design. We will soon have camo themed size stickers (for all the hunting related store that sell outdoor apparel. We are excited about those.

If needed, we can send samples of any of our size labels for clothing so you can test for yourself. We would be glad to mail samples at no cost to you.

A manufacturer and retailer favorite! These size labels for clothing are printed on a bright white gloss paper stock with a specially formulated fabric adhesive. The adhesive on the garment labels will stick well to most fabrics, without leaving any residue or staining. These garment labels are supplied on rolls, for easy peel and stick application. Bright colors make it easy for you and your customers to spot different sizes.

If you can”t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you in any way we can.