Standard card active label

Product Introduction

Standard Card Active Label is the most widely used active labels of personnel management system at present, which uses “active work” mode, active transmitter signal to the reader. With the company’s active reader, in a good visual environment, the maximum recognition distance up to 100m radius. It can adjust the emission frequency. The interior of label use of high-energy lithium button battery and the capacity available. In standard environment ,the energy provided by a battery to ensure the label can use continuously 1 to 3 years.

When user have different requirements for identification distance or application environment has become more complex, you can choose different signal strengths active electronic labels and readers, and to achieve the desired recognition distance, you can adjust via software reader again.

VT101 Standard Card Active Label

In the effective recognition range, active RFID reader operating at maximum 200KM/h speed, it can ensure recognize stably. This feature can be fully guaranteed identification of high and low speed motion personnel items.
When the reader and matched active electronic label communicate using a special communication protocol, verify the legitimacy of the device, to prevent cracking and developed a complete data encryption algorithms to ensure data security communication process.

The reader is able to read more than 200 active electronic tags at the same time, recognition accuracy rate of 99.99%; in a very short period of time to ensure that all the recognition does not leak to read. This feature is particularly suitable for schools, personnel management of large enterprises and institutions as well as a large number of asset monitoring location, warehouse management applications.

Technical Parameters

Identification range0~150m can adjust
Identification speed200KM/h
Identification abilityWith anti-collision performance 200/sec
Identification wayOmnidirectional recognition
Fixed gain0-3 can be selected on demand
Working frequency2.4GHz~2.4853GHz
Communication rate250Kb/s、1Mb/s、2Mb/s
Communication systemHDLC and synchronous time division multiple access based communication mechanism
ImmunityChannel isolation technology, multiple devices interfere with each other
SafetyCryptographic calculations and safety certification, to prevent detection link
TamperTamper alarm function (optional)
Temperature functionMeasurement Accuracy ± 0.4 ° (optional)
Power standardThe average operating power level of microwatts
Battery ConfigurationButton lithium manganese battery capacity 500mAh
LiftAbout 1~3year , can replaceable battery
Voltage detectionVoltage is below a preset value to wireless prompt (optional)
Package FeaturesABS plastic, drop and vibration resistance, high strength
Environment FeaturesOperating temperature -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Working humidity<95%
ReliabilityWaterproof and shock, to meet the requirements of industrial environments
ShapeParty card type, can provide OEM customization services
Size86 × 54 × 6mm or 86 × 54 × 4mm
InstallationDouble-sided adhesive stickers or engaging
Applications:personnel management, warehouse management.
Price terms:We can provide FOB /EXW/CIF price.
Payment term: pay by T/T or Western Union. 50% deposit of the total payment before bulk production. (We will take photos or show you the goods by video after finish the goods to make sure quality and quantity are not an issue to stop our business relationship.)
Delivery time:within 10-15 days after the receipt of 50% deposit of the total payment.
Delivery way:By express(DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT and EMS) ,by sea or air
Packaging:(Standard Size)White Box: 10 rolls /BOX, Our Carton: 25Boxes/CTN.Or on demand.
Sample:Free sample based on your order quantity
Standard size card weights (only for reference)10 rolls(1 box) 20 KG