Normal Hologram Sticker Labels


This sign’s material is mainly Alumina ,the surface can be printed on company information, LOGO,trademark, people’s head picture or other picture and line.
Laser film is seperated as disposable and permanent film, the disposable film ‘s feature is that adhensive on the product or the package, removing it the sign is broken and it can’t use again.


Gold, Sliver, Red, Blue, Green and so on.


1.Laser sractch off labels
2.Laser VOID labels
3.Laser labels with seris number


Laser anti-counterfeiting labels is sutiable for many kinds of industries’ products, such as digital, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, etc.
The Holographic films always be used to the anti counterfeiting label.

At BAZHOU, we specialize in creating 100% true custom hologram stickers and labels. We do not use stock holograms. Instead, each hologram design directly integrates your brand and text into the hologram image itself.

√  100% custom hologram design and image
√  No stock holograms used
√  Tamper-evident, anti-counterfeit
√  Serial numbering options
√  Unparalleled customer service

Custom Hologram Image & Design

Protect against counterfeiting. Customizing the hologram image itself makes your security label much more difficult for a fraudster to copy. In addition to security, you get hologram stickers that have full holographic visual appeal. All hologram stickers we create for our clients are custom holograms, where we embed your customized logo, text, visual design and other graphics directly into the hologram image itself. We do not use stock holograms and do not simply “imprint” or “overprint” using an ink printing process.

Security labels and holographic stickers protect your inventory. Tamper-proof holographic seals can be custom printed, pre-printed, or blank. Our secure labels and hologram seals are easy to order and delivered fast! Get started on your order with our instant online pricing and your tamper-evident stickers will be on their way to you. We have tamper-resistant and holographic stickers for every application, including these popular uses:

• Product Labels
• Software
• Packaging
• Security
• Caution/Warning
• ID Labels
• Pharmaceutical
• Warranty
• DVD Security Labels
• And many more.