Destructible Packaging Labels

Destructible sticker is a lable that if you tear it, the lable will be broken,and it will not be used again. This lable always be used to adhensive on the seal. The facestock has different styles, and the liner is always a bleached, super calendered paper stock.


Designed specifically for applications requiring tamper-resistant features. Destructible films offer exceptional value for applications requiring destructibility, such as safety, warning, or registration decals.
Widely used in Food, Durables, Supply Chain & Logistics, HPC, Promotional, Security/Tamper.

The ultra destructible stickers are printed on adhesive paper and cannot be removed in one piece, any attempt to remove will result in the label breaking into small fragments.

This is an ideal material for asset marking, provided that the application does not require the label to exhibit any shear strength and the label and surface is not exposed to movement.

Used in combination with other printing techniques, this provides an economic way of sealing certain surfaces, provided that the presence of a permanent residue on the surface that is very difficult to remove is not an issue.

These ultra destructible labels could be used as:

1. Asset labels with sequencing numbers or barcodes printing
2. Security labels for warranty purpose
3. Product packaging seals
4. And many other uses