Shrinkable water bottle label

CCPPW040 shrinkable water bottle label

Beverage labels often have to stand up to the challenges of moisture, friction, product contents, and varying temperatures. We take into consideration all of the things your labels will face so your beverage product makes a better first impression with thirsty customers. Film labels are a popular option for beverages because they’re highly resistant to moisture and abrasion. Whether you need to label a juice or wine bottle.

Quality custom beverage labels are eye-catching, cling to your bottle in various environments and survive condensation and moisture unchanged. And the best ones carry your brand seamlessly onto your product to make you a recognizable presence on store shelves.

Water resistant, with good ink retention and wash-off properties.Good performance on high-speed labeling lines with high resistanceto bottle friction.

Even under very wet and cold (possible condensation) conditions.

It is highly recommended for offset printing giving excellent results in ink drying time and subsequent dye-stamping processes.

Suitable for beer, water, soft-drink labels, etc.

Suitable for different types of labeling applications: Front, back and neck labels.

Product No.BZPPW040
FacestockWhite polyester facestock
(Both side printing label)
Special Coating36 g/m2, 0.040mm
based adhesive
LinerWhite glassine paper
61g/m2, 0.055mm
ColorWhite, Pearl white
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesCan bear low and high temperature, with strong adhesive, it can be used for Tire labels.
The special pearl color PP always used for double layer instruction for medicine and cosmetics bottles.