Customized plastic water bottle label

CCPES085 customized plastic water bottle label

Custom multi-layer labels are a great way to include additional information on your product without adding much bulk to the packaging. Multi-layer labels (also called booklet labels and expanded content labels) are a multi-panel leaflet that is laminated to a pressure sensitive label. Text and graphics can be printed on both sides of the leaflet and top layer of the base label. With no adhesive residue, multi-layer labels can peel back cleanly and re-seal for repeated uses.

Beverage labels can be exposed to heat, cold, moisture and condensation throughout their life cycle, and need to remain in pristine condition. Our wide range of material choices are well suited to these challenges. Our label professionals are well versed in the requirements of beverage labels and would be delighted to consult with you.

Product No.BZPES085
FacestockBright silver polyethylene film
Special Coating80 g/m², 0.085 mm
based adhesive
LinerWhite glassine paper
61g/m2, 0.055mm
ColorBright silver
Service Temperature-29℃-93℃
Application Temperature-5°C
PrintingFull Color
FeaturesSharp film tooling preferably in flat-bed, are important to ensure smooth conversion. Acceptance of hot stamping foil is excellent. Need avoid too much re-winding tension to causing bleeding.