Water and Juice Labels

For water, juice and any other drinks bottle packaging, we need to put the sticky labels onto the bottle to make it more attractive and to let all the information of the drinks to be listed on the labels.

BAZHOU supply many different materials for vaious materials bottles to make your drinks product better looks, also can meet the waterproof performance requirements.

For water bottle, we have special both side printing labels to make the products more specially.

Water bottle labels. Your business card on a bottle.

Make the most out of your marketing dollar with printable water bottle labels. Ideal to use for any kind of event, bottled water labels can help bring more exposure for your brand.

Whether you are attending a tradeshow or hosting a marathon, custom bottle labels can serve as your branding tool to help you attract more customers. These labels bear your company’s important information and travel with your customers wherever they go.

With a clear message and eye-catching design, custom water bottle labels can help engage more people and turn them into customers.

Planning to use the bottles for a private event? From wedding celebrations to baby showers, these labels can be customized to suit any event.

Which paper type should I use on my water bottle labels?

Transform ordinary water bottles into remarkable marketing materials that spark conversation. Our custom water bottle labels are printed in full color to bring out the beauty of your artwork.

Half-sized or wraparound, these labels are available in a variety of materials appropriate for any use.

Cut-to-size labels come in four crack-and-peel paper types that are great for handing out at events. The 70 lb. label comes in gloss, matte, and high gloss finishes that can make your artwork look vibrant or subdued.

If you’re looking for waterproof and water-resistant material, the 4 mil. White Vinyl High Gloss (UV) is your best option.

Roll labels are great for high-volume orders. These come in seven paper types are best used with a label dispenser. Our most popular label is the White Premium Sticker Paper because it’s smooth and water-resistant.

But you can also choose BOPP (white, clear, or silver) if you want a material that’s oil and water-resistant or textured paper for added visual interest.

How can I create beautiful water bottle labels?

You don’t need to be a design pro to create printable water bottle labels. But you need to follow some guidelines to ensure that you’ll get the perfect label for your product:

Measure the container. Know how much space you’ll be working with. The bottle manufacturer should be able to provide this information, but you can also measure the label area with a ruler.

Think about where and how your product will be used. This will help you decide between a water-resistant label and a waterproof one.

Play with colors, shapes, and textures. Your product will be sitting alongside other products in the store or will be compared with its competitors. Make your labels stand out.

Personalized bottle labels can help customize any event. Find both custom wine bottle labels, sports drink bottle labels and personalized water bottle labels in one easy-to-shop spot and create a one-of-a-kind favors for your event.