High Temperature Labels

These gloss white polyimide films High temperature sticker are designed to meet the increased performance quality demanded by use at extremely high temperatures. Their properties make them particularly suitable for thermal transfer bar code labels applied during printed circuit board production. High quality and cost-effective, they are widely used by manufacturers in the electronic, automotive and appliance industries.

Able to withstand the extreme temperatures involved in component soldering, these superior labelstocks are even resistant to direct contact with lead-free solder, which is typically 30 to 40°C higher than conventional lead based solder. The films will also maintain whiteness, barcode legibility and adhesive performance when exposed to 300°C for up to one minute.

The smooth, ultra-consistent, high-opacity white topcoated polyimide enables high-resolution (600dpi) printing and accepts conventional inks as well as thermal transfer printing with premium resin ribbons.

Improved durability and high chemical resistance ensure the films remain in place during the post-construction stage of circuit board assembly, including the tough cleaning phase which can involve use of both infrared, as well as harsh chemicals. They also offer excellent resistance to abrasion and ribbon smudging.

When you need high temperature labels for specialty applications, BAZHOU offers a complete selection of products to meet your requirements. Our Polyimide Labels are ideal for use in extreme high temperatures and applications involving harsh industrial solvents. We offer high temperature labels that can withstand temperatures up to 1,000°F for a few seconds, temperatures greater than 700°F for a few minutes, and above 500°F for hours.

√ Withstand prolonged exposure to high-temperature processing (autoclave)
√ Ideal for use on flat, insulated, and laminated glass
√ Smudge-proof printable label stock with removable acrylic adhesive
√ Compatible with thermal transfer printing processes (100% resin ribbon required)
√ Remove easily without residue

Why order my High Temperature Labels from BAZHOU?

It is important that you choose the most capable and reliable source for your high temperature labels. BAZHOU offers a wide selection of materials as well as lab testing to determine the best materials for your application. Here are some of the other advantages you’ll enjoy when you order from BAZHOU:

√ Large and Small Quantities
√ Fast Turn-Around
√ Expert Application Assistance
√ Thermal Transfer Printable Labels
√ UL Recognized Label Component Products